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Hazard County
Hazard County is a great stunt trail for DH bikes. The only problem is, there's this darn CLIMB that starts it out. Well, it's only 200 vertical feet over 1/2 mile, but still... The trail starts near the Warner Lake Campground in the La Sal Mountains. It's 3 miles long with a descent of 1000 vertical feet. Although fairly high in altitude (8500 feet) the trail has a dry "foothill" feel to it. The sun-exposed slopes on the DH portion are covered with oak brush.
Getting there: On Moab's Main Street, head south on US-191. Zero your odometer at Center Street Center Street and drive 8.2 miles. Turn left toward Ken's Lake - La Sal Loop Road. At the T intersection 1/2 mile later, turn right. Climb uphill on the paved La Sal Loop Road. Around mile 25, watch for a doubletrack on the left with a sign "Kokopelli Trail." Leave your shuttle vehicle here. Now backtrack about 3 miles to the Warner Campground road. Drive about 4.5 miles up the gravel road and watch for the "Hazard" sign on the left. The trailhead is a short distance up as you fork left.

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