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Green Canyon
The Green Canyon trail is a favorite of the Logan locals. It starts right on the edge of town, in the next canyon north of Logan Canyon. The trail is smooth singletrack, except for 1/4 mile where you follow the dirt road (as of 2009). It's 4 miles and 1100 vertical feet to the spot where most riders turn around. If you want to push to the Mt Naomi Wilderness border, it will be 5.7 miles each way with 1800 feet of climbing. The trail starts at 5100 feet elevation, so it clears of snow fairly early in the year.
Riding notes, from upper parking:
0.0   ST @ uphill end of parking, near toilet
        N41 46.144 W111 46.141
        If coming from lower parking, add 0.7 miles
1.0   Join road, ride 100 ft, L on ST before gate
        N41 46.307 W111 45.022
1.1   Keep R at fork N41 46.302 W111 44.892
1.2   Join road N41 46.288 W111 44.827
        Ride uphill 1/4 mile on road
1.5   Turn L at campsite 8, ST at back
        N41 46.325 W111 44.541
1.6   ST joins from road via campsite 9
        N41 46.345 W111 44.395
2.0   Cross road N41 46.515 W111 43.987
2.7   Hard R on road, cross onto ST 150-degrees
        N41 46.924 W111 43.595
3.1   Cross road N41 47.164 W111 43.530
3.9   Join road N41 47.630 W111 43.186
4.0   Road ends at fence, ST continues
        N41 47.674 W111 43.144
        (Toilet and primitive camping on L)
5.7   Wilderness boundary, turn around
         N41 48.663 W111 42.147
11.4  Back at parking
         (If starting from lower parking, mileage = 12.3)
Getting there: In Logan, turn east at 400 North on US-89 (toward Logan Canyon). At 1200 East, turn left and drive north to 1900 North. Turn right toward the mountains. As 1900 North climbs over a small rise, pass the Bonneville Shoreline trail on your right. The lower parking area will be on your left. (Note: it's not clear if bicycles are allowed on the singletrack between the lower and upper parking areas.) 0.6 miles later, turn right into the Green Canyon parking. The trail begins uphill at the end of the parking zone, near the toilet.

Copyright 2009 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Trail conditions change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.