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Great Escape - Loop ride from Gemini Bridges
The Great Escape trail is a bikes-only singletrack in the Gemini Bridges area near Moab. Great Escape itself is 3.5 miles long with just over 400 vertical feet of elevation change. It's intermediate in technical requirement, and not too tough aerobically. The top altitude (near Gemini Bridges) is 5120 feet. The trail begins on the Gemini Bridges Road (straight across from Arth's Corner singletrack), about 0.4 miles downhill from the Gemini Bridges main parking and the Bridges hiking trail. It extends downhill to join the Little Canyon Singletrack about 1/2 mile from where Little Canyon ST ends on the Gold Bar Rim road.
Short Loop (Gemini-Great Escape-Little Canyon-Arths), 7.5 miles:
Park in one of the Gemini Bridges spots, then pedal downhill
to where the road rejoins the main Gemini Bridges road,
at 0.2 miles from the bike rack and the hiking trail. Because
parking spots are all along the turnout, we'll start the odometer
from the road fork:

0.0   Keep R to continue downhill
        N38 35.271 W109 42.396
0.2   R on ST (Great Escape)
        N38 35.246 W109 42.238
0.3   Short spur to view of Bridges on L
        N38 35.147 W109 42.241

2.0   Cross Bull Canyon Road
        N38 34.971 W109 40.960
3.7   L on Little Canyon Singletrack
        N38 35.652 W109 40.540
4.4   Cross Bull Canyon Road
        N38 35.732 W109 41.007
5.3   ST ends, straight across Gemini Bridges Rd
        to Metal Masher road N38 35.776 W109 41.624
5.4   L uphill on ST Arth's Corner
        N38 35.885 W109 41.673
6.9   R on Gemini Bridges Road N38 35.246 W109 42.238
7.1   L to Gemini Parking N38 35.271 W109 42.396

Getting there:
From I-70 and Crescent Junction, drive south on US-191 for 20 miles. Or, drive about 9 miles north of the Colorado River if you're driving out from Moab. Turn west on Highway 313 (the road to Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands). Drive 13 miles on 313 to the Gemini Bridges sign and turn L onto dirt road. 
For Bull Run lariat ride: Find a spot to park immediately after turning off 313. Begin riding down the dirt road and turn right to the Bull Run trailhead at mile 1.3.
For the loop ride from Gemini Bridges:  Drive down the gravel road 6 miles to the Gemini Bridges parking area N38 35.232 W109 42.597. Pedal downhill 0.2 mile from the fork where the parking lane rejoins the main dirt road. Arth's is on your left (your return route if going counterclockwise), and Great Escape is directly across the road on your right.
Copyright 2012 Mad Scientist Software Inc.  Trail conditions change. Use this guide at your own risk.