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Grafton Mesa     With connections to Wire Mesa and Big Fatty Mesa
Grafton Mesa is part of the same mountain as Gooseberry Mesa, located just west of Zion National Park. The loop ride is 9.4 miles, up to 13 miles if you do the side tours of Big Fatty and Wire Mesa. It features a boring but strenuous climb and a terrifying technical descent. Altitude change 1100 feet, to 4850 at the top. The drop from the mesa is for experts only. But you can also do the traditional easy out-and-back on doubletrack to a viewpoint overlooking the Virgin River valley, 4.2 miles. 
Clockwise loop ride, from Horse Wash:
0.0   Start up Scenic Byway 
        N37 09.090 W113 03.542
1.5   Big Fatty Mesa DT on R
        N37 08.047 W113 03.845 
2.0   Wire Mesa DT on R
        N37 07.881 W113 04.179 
3.8   R on DT (Grafton Mesa DT)
        N37 07.847 W113 05.894
6.0  Viewpoint on cliff      N37 09.432 W113 05.319
        ST on L on side of cliff, go steep downhill
7.3   L on DT near wash bottom
        N37 09.456 W113 04.977
7.7   Pass cemetery, R on Grafton Road
        N37 09.817 W113 04.826
9.3   Back at car 
Getting there, from Rockville: In La Verkin, turn toward Zion National Park on Highway 9. When you get to Rockville, drive until you're seeing the end of town then turn south (right) on Bridge Road. Cross the Virgin River on the old bridge. Follow the road as it veers right (west). At the fork in the road 1.5 miles later, turn left and park near the wash. Start riding south uphill on the Smithsonian Butte Scenic Byway (may or may not have a sign). If you're shuttling to the top, it's the last doubletrack (on your right) before the top of the mountain, 4.4 miles up, just after the road has turned south again. N37 07.683 W113 06.131
Getting there, from Gooseberry:
From the spot where the Gooseberry road leaves the Scenic Byway, proceed north 1/2 mile. Just after you start more steeply downhill, watch for the first doubletrack on your left.
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