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Gorgoza Park Trails -- Road to Arcylon, Gorgoza Trail, Up Trail
Road to Arcylon is a downhill trail with expert-level man-made features. It's found at Gorgoza Park, just off I-80 east of Parley's Summit. The supporting trails (Gorgoza, Up Trail) are used mainly to access this downhill, but also connect to neighborhood rides such as the Sunridge Perimeter. A single trip up the mountain and around the loop and back is 3.1 miles, and each lap through the downhill is 1.8 miles.
Road to Arcylon riding notes:
0.0   Millenium Trail eastbound
        N40 45.326 W111 35.028
0.1   East of pond N40 45.294 W111 34.942
        Keep straight onto leftmost singletrack
0.4   Keep L (R goes 0.1 mile to road)
        N40 45.147 W111 34.838
0.9   Keep L (R = Sunridge Perimeter,
        also two connectors to road)
        N40 45.016 W111 34.875
        Meadow trail joins, trail widens
1.1   R on ST N40 44.946 W111 35.049
        (Straight on DT = to Sunridge)
1.3   Fork L (R = return from DH)
        N40 44.913 W111 35.298
1.8   Begin Road to Arcylon
        N40 44.771 W111 35.379
2.6   Begin Up Trail climb
        N40 44.957 W111 35.488
3.1   Back at Gorgoza fork
        N40 44.912 W111 35.301
        R = Up Trail for another lap
        L = down Gorgoza, done
Getting there:
From Salt Lake City, take I-80 east up Parley's Canyon. After crossing the summit, take the Jeremy Ranch exit. Turn right, then immediately right again to take Kirby Road westbound. After passing a small hill, you'll see a small gravel parking lot on the left side of the road. It's preferred that you save this little lot for hikers that are visiting the pond. Go another 100 yards to the big paved Gorgoza Park lot. (If the big lot is closed -- as it was on the Saturday I visited -- grab a spot in the little lot.) Head back out to the paved Millenium Trail and follow it east until it heads south uphill past the pond. Just above the pond, the mountain biking trail veers uphill as the Millenium trail turns sharply eastward. (Keep to the left of the two trails. The trail you see heading straight up the mountainside meadow gets there, but it's hike-a-bike steep.) Note:  Do not drive riders into the area of the Sunridge homes above the trail!
Trail alignment, connections, and conditions will change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2015