Goosebumps and Cryptobionic
Goosebumps and Cryptobionic are newer trails that offer alternatives to the classic JEM and Hurricane Rim rides. Cryptobionic is an easy ride, 3.6 miles long with 250 feet of elevation change. Goosebumps undulates along the edge of the mesa and is a moderately technical 5.1 miles that includes about 1.5 miles of dirt-road and washbottom. This ride takes JEM uphill, then follows Goosebumps down.
JEM-Up -- Figure 8 on a stem, includes all of Goosebumps downhill:
Climb JEM, descend Goosebumps/Crypto to Hurricane Rim

0.0   West on ST from Sheep Bridge Parking
         N37 12.007 W113 13.059
1.8    Straight (L) to stay on JEM
         (R = Hurricane Rim)
         N37 11.265 W113 13.860
2.5    Cross Cryptobionic N37 10.800 W113 14.355
2.6    Cross DT N37 10.757 W113 14.406
         Cross Dead Ringer
3.5    Keep L (R = descend China Wash)
         N37 10.547 W113 15.163
5.3    L on Goosebumps N37 09.111 W113 15.109
7.1    R on Goosebumps (straight = Cryptobionic)
         N37 09.782 W113 14.519
9.0    Dirt road. Veer L uphill to small DT
         N37 09.750 W113 13.606
         DT becomes ridgeline braided ST
9.8    Drop into wide wash bottom, veer L
10.1  Out of wash on DT N37 10.449 W113 14.272
         (ST on L connects to Crypto
         N37 10.385 W113 14.334)
10.5  Cryptobionic joins DT
         Keep straight, cross forking DT just L of fork
         N37 10.710 W113 14.330
         Find ST trail as you cross 2nd DT
10.6  Cross JEM (stay on Cryptobionic)
         N37 10.800 W113 14.355
12.6  L downhill on road toward BR
         R on ST below the road loop (Hurricane Rim)
         N37 11.784 W113 14.108
14.4  L on JEM
         N37 11.265 W113 13.860
16.2  Back at parking
Getting there, Sheep Bridge Road trailhead: From I-15 north, take the La Verkin exit on UT-17. From the south, take the Hurricane exit on US-9 and go through Hurricane towards Zion National Park. At the junction of US-9 with UT-17, turn east towards Zion. 4.8 miles after the turnoff, turn right (south) on a gravel road signed "Sheep Bridge Rd." 0.5 miles later, you'll cross over the Virgin River. Just uphill is a cattleguard, then a doubletrack on your right 0.1 miles after the bridge. Take the doubletrack 0.2 miles to a turn-around overlooking the Virgin River. The singletrack is at the end of the turn-around.
Upper JEM trailhead: In Hurricane, turn south on US-59 (towards the Grand Canyon). Drive exactly 5 miles uphill. Turn left on cindered doubletrack right as you approach the base of Gooseberry Mesa. Drive another 0.3 miles to the parking area and head northeast on JEM.. N 37 08.329' W 113 14.527'
Hurricane Hill trailhead:  As above, turn south in Hurricane on US-59 Follow the road uphill 0.9 miles, then turn left into the trailhead parking near the cell phone towers. GPS N 37 10.740' W 113 16.601', Alt=3650'. The Hurricane Rim trail begins along the fence, heading northeast.

Trail conditions change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2014.