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Gooseberry Mesa White Trail
The Gooseberry Mesa "White Trail" is the jeep road that travels east-west on Gooseberry Mesa. This trail is suitable for beginning riders, even those who aren't in great shape. The trail is 3.5 miles in length. Up-and-down riding is minimal, with short gentle climbs. The road gains about 150 vertical feet of elevation as you travel westward, so the return trip is fast and easy. 
For the most part, the track of the trail is fairly firm dirt, with an occasional slickrock area. Here and there, there are occasional not-too-rough outcrops. Kids can pick their way through without too much trouble. There are a couple of short sections of shallow sand (about 100 feet or so) -- most beginners can cruise right through.

Riding notes, approximate mileage:
0.0 Start west on doubletrack
0.3 Pass Slickrock 101 end on R (good detour for rock-hungry youngsters)
0.6 Cattle Grate Trail on L (advanced tech riding)
1.1  ST connector on R (option of 1-mile intermediate ST ride)
1.3  Keep right at fork (L goes to South Rim trail)
2.0  North Rim Trail connector on R (100 yards to view from North Rim)
2.1  Hidden Canyon Maze on L
2.7  North Rim joins on R
2.8  Yellow Trail leaves on L (advanced tech, 1/2 mile)
3.0  Yellow Trail reconnects on L
3.5   At South Rim (head west if you want to go to the Point)

Getting there: As you pass through Hurricane on Highway 9, turn south at the Highway 59 sign. One block later, turn left and drive out of town. About 15 minutes later, you'll pass a gas station on the left-hand side, then some fields. Watch for a "Scenic Byway" sign, and turn left onto a dirt road (14.8 miles from the turnoff in Hurricane). Two miles later, just as you reach the mountain, the Gooseberry Mesa road turns off on your left. Another 3.6 miles after the turnoff, take the left fork at the bathroom. Now stay on the bigger road, ignoring any forks. 1.1 miles later, you'll cross a cattle guard. Park there. The White Trail is the continuation of the road you were traveling. GPS: N 37 08.491'  W 113 10.299'

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