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Wild Horse Trail System at Goblin Valley State Park
Seven miles of singletrack mountain bike trail was opened in June 2015 at Goblin Valley State Park. The Wild Horse trail system sits on a small mesa west of (and above) the campground, with Wild Horse Butte looming above the trails to the north. The trails form interconnected loops, so you can ride as much or as little as you want. To hit every single piece of trail, your minimum ride would be 8.7 miles with 800 vertical feet of climbing. Each trail fork has a trail map on a post.
Quick ride, outer loop track ("just turn left"):
0.0   Dirt road from parking
        N38 34.179 W110 42.705
0.05 Left as DT splits
0.1   L onto ST (Lizard Foot)
        N38 34.188 W110 42.786
0.4   L on Buffalo Head
        N38 34.192 W110 42.993
0.6   L (still Buffalo Head)
        N38 34.155 W110 43.138
1.4   Henry Mountain overlook
1.8   L on Landslide
        N38 33.957 W110 43.166
3.0   L on Desert View
        N38 34.230 W110 43.302
3.2   L on Dark Side of the Moon
        N38 34.240 W110 43.457
3.7   San Rafael Swell overlook
4.1   L on Desert View
        N38 34.482 W110 43.393
4.6   Wild Horse Butte overlook
4.8   Desert View overlook
5.1   L on Lizard Foot
        N38 34.329 W110 43.238
5.7   Molly's Castle overlook
6.0   L to stay on Lizard Foot
        N38 34.192 W110 42.992
6.4   Back at parking
Getting there:
On Interstate 70 just west of Green River, drive 8 miles west from the US-6 junction. Turn south on Highway 24 and go 24 miles. Turn right on Temple Mountain Road. Drive 5 miles west, then turn left on Goblin Valley Road and drive 7 miles to Goblin Valley State Park. Pay at the entry station (2015 fee $10 per car).
At the T in the paved road, go straight across to the narrow dirt road. Climb the hill and drive 0.2 miles then turn right into the parking area. Start the ride by pedaling back to the road and continuing west. At the fork in the road, go either direction. The singletrack entry is found at the far west end of the loop in the road.
Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk.
Copyright 2015