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Germania Dirt Trail
This little singletrack loop lies alongside the Jordan River in Murray. It's about 0.8 miles long, at an altitude of 4250 feet, with virtually no climbing. The little loop is stuffed into a small wild area between the paved Jordan River Parkway trail and the cindered "horse route" along the river bank. The Germania trail makes a great family ride for kids who are ready to try some real dirt. There's a picnic pavilion right at the parking area, about 150 feet from the trail. There's grass for family games. And the Jordan River Parkway is right there, if somebody wants to crank out some miles.

Beginners will find this a non-threatening bit of dirt to practice on. There's one little "mountain" with elevation change of about 10 feet. There are plenty of twists and turns to practice steering, and some speed change-ups can let you practice shifting gears. And when winter comes, this trail will have dirt when everything else is buried under snow. It's easy to get to from the Germania park in Murray, or by riding your bike directly to the trail on the Jordan River Parkway. The trail's curves make it a good practice loop for roadies who are graduating to cyclocross racing.

Getting there:  From I-15, take the 53rd South exit and turn west. After 1/2 mile, 5300 South has turned into 5400 South. Turn right at 1070 West (the traffic light just before crossing the Jordan River). Drive past the first parking area, and continue 1/4 mile to the Germania Pavilion. Catch the westbound trail past the soccer field (heading toward the river). Fork right when the trail splits, then spot the singletrack on your left about 40 feet after the trail fork. It's marked with a carsonite post. The dirt loop splits about 20 feet from the pavement. Ride either direction.

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