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Looking east. Gemini Bridges Trail
The Gemini Bridges trail is used by both bikes and 4-wheel drive vehicles. This is a broad rocky gravel road, with some steep sections and one stretch of ledgy slickrock. As an out-and-back from the highway, it's 16 miles round trip. Total climbing is about 1500 feet, in 3 sections of 500 feet each (two on the way out, one on the way back). The trail isn't tough, but it's long. Experienced beginners can make the ride, but consider the length of the ride and the long uphill climbs before deciding whether this ride is right for you.
Riding an out-and-back from the highway, there's one major fork in the road about mile 4 (L goes to Gold Bar Rim), and a few spurs and alternate routes. Just follow the signs. About 1/2 mile before the bridge, a sign tells you to fork left off the gravel road. Pick your way down the gentle slope of the slickrock, following the tracks. The end of the ride puts you on top of the bridges at GPS N 38 35.123' W 109 42.456'. Approach them with caution. You could easily ride right off a 200-foot cliff. 

View of the arches, looking north.

You can also ride this trail as a one-way with shuttle. Leave a vehicle at the highway trailhead, then head a bit north to UT-313. Drive 12.6 miles, and find the trailhead on your left. As a one-way, the ride is 14 miles, mostly downhill.

Getting there: Drive south on US-191 for 22 miles south of I-70 (about 7 miles north of the Colorado River at the edge of Moab). Spot the parking area on the west (right as you head toward Moab) side of the road. GPS N 38 39.381' W 109 40.672'. Park in front of the railroad tracks, and head out west on the road.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.

Gemini Bridges Trail Map