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Foreman Trail
The Foreman Trail is a forested singletrack loop that runs through the Lodgepole Campground in Daniel's Canyon. The trail has seen better days (as of summer 2009), and at this time I'm only recommending it for very strong skilled riders. The loop itself is only 4 miles. If you connect to it from Daniel's summit, the ride is 5.5 miles with 1100 vertical feet of climbing. Lowest altitude is 7650 feet, top 8400. The loop consists of four parts: (1) at the bottom is the connection between two canyons on doubletrack and paved campground roads; (2) Shingle Hollow is singletrack in a steep ravine with rocks and other technical features; (3) there's an easy traverse on the high ridge; and (4) Foreman Hollow on the south has a very steep pitch but fairly smooth surface.
Riding notes, counterclockwise loop, from Daniel's Summit:
0.0   Hoist bike over step-around gate, north end of parking
        N40 18.203 W111 15.481 - follow blue diamonds on trees
0.1   Keep L uphill (don't follow graveled service connector)
0.8   Through (dry?) creek, then R downhill, becomes DT
        N40 18.495 W111 16.032
1.4   At gate, go L on paved campground road
        N40 18.724 W111 15.575
1.5   Keep R on road (enter camping circle counterclockwise)

1.7   At apex of camp circle loop, R past gate on DT
        N40 18.969 W111 15.633
2.2   L uphill on ST N40 19.215 W111 15.809
3.2   Cross creek, almost through climbing!
3.4   Top of ridge, begin traverse
4.2   Begin steep descent
4.7   At fork, R across creek on return trail N40 18.495 W111 16.032
5.5   Back at parking

Getting there:  Take US-40 southbound from Heber and drive 18 miles up Daniel's Canyon. As you reach the summit, turn right toward the lodge, then immediately right again (away from the buildings). Go to the north end of the dirt parking area to the metal gate. Next to the gate is a step-around where you can pass through the fence as you hoist your bike over. Follow the trail (keep uphill and left where a gravel path descends -- this route goes down to a storage building) 0.8 miles to intersect the Foreman trail immediately after the connector descends through a small creek.
Lodgepole Campground: To stay in the campground, turn at the campground sign about 1/2 mile before the summit. Drive down to the campground. To reach the trail at Shingle Hollow, keep right and go to the far (north) end of camping Loop A, where the trail is the doubletrack behind the metal gate.

Copyright 2009 Mad Scientist Software Inc. Trail conditions change. Use this trail guide at your own risk.