Flying Dog Trail.
The Flying Dog trail arcs between the middle of the Jeremy 24-7 to Glenwild connector, and the top of the Cobblestone Loop. You need to climb another trail to get to it. The Flying Dog trail is very well-planned and expertly constructed. This version is a tough 23-mile grinfest with 3000 feet of climbing. Surface is intermediate, except for some advanced climbs on Glenwild as you complete the 2nd loop. And you can add a dip down the Bobs Basin DH trails while you're passing by.
The Big Pretzel,  23 miles, rating=tough
Flying Dog w Stealth and Glenwild

0.0  Glenwild TH, toward mountain on road
       N40 43.681 W111 32.178
       Cross bridge, L on Stealth ST
       N40 43.714 W111 32.206
0.3  Ignore trail forking R uphill
       N40 43.849 W111 32.517
1.8  Left on Stealth/24-7
       N40 44.478 W111 32.941
2.1  R (L=Dropout DH trail)
       N40 44.638 W111 33.124
2.2  R (L=Cutthroat, 2nd L = Ant Farm)
       N40 44.690 W111 33.066
2.8  R (L=Fink Again)
       N40 45.044 W111 33.087
3.5  Cross paved road
       N40 45.325 W111 33.053
4.3  Keep R (L=bailout to JR)
       N40 45.675 W111 33.101
4.4  Keep R uphill
       N40 45.788 W111 33.171
4.5  R uphill on Flying Dog
        N40 45.845 W111 33.142
4.9   R on Preserve Connector
        N40 45.841 W111 33.046
5.9   L on DT then straight N uphill on road
        N40 45.870 W111 32.566
6.2   R at road fork
        N40 46.080 W111 32.671
6.3   R off road on DT
        N40 46.118 W111 32.639
6.9   L uphill on Flying Dog
        N40 46.337 W111 32.013
7.5   Cross road
        N40 46.402 W111 32.475
10.2 Viewpoint uphill 100 yds
        N40 46.304 W111 33.087
12.9 Back at Preserve junction, fork L uphill
        N40 45.841 W111 33.046
        Retrace route through Preserve Connector
14.9 Flying Dog, L downhill
        N40 46.337 W111 32.013
16.2 Cross paved road N40 46.035 W111 31.789
16.5 Cross paved road N40 45.799 W111 31.627
16.7 Cobblestone loop, fork L
        N40 45.704 W111 31.573
17.4 Exit loop, fork L downhill
        N40 45.365 W111 31.750
18.3 Fork R on Glenwild
        N40 44.756 W111 31.279
18.9 Cross paved road N40 44.749 W111 31.936
20    Top of hill, cross road
        N40 44.470 W111 32.360
20.5 Fork R DH on DT (across=Glenwild)
        N40 44.375 W111 32.483
21.1 L on Stealth
        N40 44.478 W111 32.941
23    Back at parking
Getting there, Glenwild: At the I-80 Park City exit, go north (left from the exit if you're coming from SLC) to the frontage road. Turn right. About 1/4 mile later at the second road on your left, turn left. Find the trail parking area just before the northbound road crosses the creek. (You'll see the trail map kiosk and bathroom). GPS N 40 43.662' W 111 32.051'. Head up the road to start your ride. Just past the bridge, turn left on singletrack and you're on the Stealth Trail.

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