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Flume Trail  (Ephraim Canyon)
The Flume Trail in lower Ephraim Canyon follows an abandoned water-transport path around the foothills of Bald Mountain, then plunges steeply to the valley floor. It's 2.7 miles in length. After a fairly flat mile and a half, it plunges 700 vertical feet over one mile. It should be consider a downhill-only route. The steepness of the drop from the mountain requires advanced or at least solid upper-intermediate technical skill. Most of the trail is smooth with a few short tech challenges. The trail can be shuttled via the Ephraim Canyon road, or you can pedal up the road for a 5.0 mile loop ride. The riding season for this trail is May through October.
Riding notes, clockwise loop:
0.0   North on paved road N39 20.425 W111 33.882
0.3   R on Ephraim Canyon Road N39 20.646 W111 33.903
2.3   180-degree R onto DT N39 20.260 W111 31.590
2.5   ST straight ahead at end of big pipe
        N39 20.261 W111 31.746
        Critical spot! Leave ATV tracks for ST in between!

2.8   At flume
3.7   Old headgate, cross, climb
3.8   Begin plunge
4.5   Out into valley
4.7   Join gravel road
5.0   Back at parking       

Getting there:  On US-89 in Ephraim, go to 400 south and turn east towards the mountains. At 300 East, turn right. You're on state road 29, the Ephraim Canyon Road. After 0.6 miles, the road turns 90 degrees left. Go 0.8 miles to (I think) 920 East and turn right. At the gate where the road becomes a "private driveway" (which, BTW is your return path), park on the west side of the road. Begin the ride by backtracking north on the paved road.

Trail conditions and alignments change. Use this guide at your own risk. Copyright 2011.