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Flintstone Trail
The Flintstone Trail is a mile of expert downhill singletrack with multiple man-made stunts. It lies on the northeast corner of Lake Mountain, with a trailhead in Eagle Mountain's Mountain Ranch Bike Park. A loop ride is 4.7 miles. There's 500 feet of climbing, to an altitude of 5400. The loop starts at the bike park. As you enter the park from the kiosk at the north end, ride the broad gravel path southward along the west border of the park. Turn left as the path ends on gravel doubletrack, then keep left at trail forks after you hit the ridge.
Riding notes, Flintstone Trail from Bike Park:
0.0   Uphill from kiosk, N40 21.414 W111 58.695
        Stay on broad gravel path
0.4   R on DT, N40 21.144 W111 58.961
        Follow DT around turn and uphill
0.6   Fork L uphill on DT N40 21.060 W111 59.076
0.7   Keep L (follow ridgeline)
        N40 21.038 W111 59.034
0.8   Keep L N40 21.021 W111 58.929
        In general, stay L on ridgeline
1.6   Pass water tank
2.0   Flintstone ST on L, N40 20.328 W111 58.152
3.0   At fence, L on DT, N40 20.452 W111 57.665
3.3   Enter subdivision, follow streets to NW corner
        Aim for gravel road going over rise to NW
4.1   On gravel road, becomes paved
4.7   Back at parking
Getting there:  Take the I-15 Lehi Main Street exit and turn west. Continue west on SR-73, crossing Redwood Road (11600 West). Just after climbing the hill, turn left at the stop light onto The Ranches Parkway. Stay on that road as it narrows and begins to wind around. When you come to a T intersection at the end of The Ranches Parkway, turn right on Golden Eagle Road. Drive about 1/3 mile and watch for the trail kiosk on your left. Park by the trail kiosk and begin your ride by climbing up the trail heading south.

Bathrooms:  port-a-potty near jump line of the bike park, BR in city park west of trail head
Trail conditions and alignments change. Use this guide at your own risk.