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On the ascent from Mill Creek.

Flat Pass Trail
This is an advanced technical ride on rock and 4-wheel drive road. Ridden south-to-north, there's an initial 1000 feet climb over 4 miles, then 1500 feet of descent over 6 miles. It can be ridden as a 10-mile point-to-point with a shuttle, or a 19-mile loop (with the return on paved road). The 10-mile version is strenuous; the 19-mile loop is a killer. The trail is marked by signs, although it may be signed "Steelbender" when heading north. After the initial confusion about where to cross the creek, it's fairly easy to navigate.

Ride notes, point-to-point from hilltop:
0.0   Top of hill at cattleguard, head east downhill
0.2   Fork R
0.5   L to cross creek, climb slickrock
        Keep straight, along upper edge of open rock
1.3   Drop into wash
2.0   Keep L
2.3   Keep L, begin tech climb
4.1   Fork R
4.2   Fork L
4.3   Straight through intersection
4.6   Fork L
5.7   Pass through gate
        Keep left at next two forks
6.8   Fork L and downhill
7.2   Keep R
7.9   Creek - sand and crossings
9.0   Hard L and climb uphill out of valley
9.4   Arrive at pavement
(To complete loop on pavement, follow map below)
Getting there: To ride the trail point-to-point, leave a shuttle car at the northern trailhead. To get there, travel south from Moab's Center Street 4 miles. Watch for a gas/convenience store at a "T" intersection on your left. Turn left (east) here. A couple of blocks later, this road becomes Spanish Trail Road. Continue until it becomes Canyonlands (for about 100 yards). At the next intersection, turn right (east) on Westwater. Follow Westwater up to the top of the hill, where you'll see a trail sign on the right and a parking area on the left. It's two miles from the highway to the trailhead.

To get to the southern trailhead, drive back to US-191 and go south about 4 miles (you're now 8 miles south of Moab). Watch for a road on your left for Ken's Lake and La Sal Loop Road. Drive 0.5 miles, then turn right. Keep left at the next two intersections, following the signs for Ken's Lake. When the paved road veers left, keep straight (see the road going up the hill?). For point-to-point, drive on up to the hilltop, and park on the left in front of the cattleguard. For a loop, don't climb the hill. Instead, turn right into the camping area at the bottom of the wash and park there.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.

Flat Pass Trail Map