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Five-mile Pass Race Loop
Five-mile Pass is a popular 4-wheeler recreation area about 20 miles west of Lehi. Terrain is rolling rocky hills covered with sage brush and juniper, complete with dust, ruts, branching side roads, and loose rock. Five-mile Pass is the site of a popular springtime mountain bike race. The trail can be biked in early spring when even the lowest Wasatch foothill trails are locked in with snow. Length of the race course with one lap is 11.0 miles. Altitude change is 400 feet, but you'll roll up and down for total climbing of about 1000.
Riding notes:
0.0   Begin southwest on broad dirt road
0.3   Fork R, climb (alt = continue up road, rejoin A)
0.5   Fork R, west
0.55 Hard L, back to east
0.65 Turn R back onto main road, southwest (A)
0.85 Straight at 4-way (south) = point C
        (L = return loop N 40 13.596' W 112 09.954')
0.95, 1.1 Keep L as veers eastward
        (View of valley to southwest)
1.4   Straight at 4-way (south-southeast)
1.55 Keep R up over hill
1.70 Keep straight (right) (alt = rejoin B)
1.75 Hard L to northeast
1.85 Straight as trail rejoins left (B). Going east
        GPS check N 40 12.964' W 112 09.755'
2.05, 2.1 Keep R as trail heads south
2.15 Turn L to southeast
2.25 Turn R to southwest
2.6   Fork L to go over small hill
2.9   Go R on last (leftmost) of 3 roads on R
        (going west and down)
2.95 Fork L to head back southward
        GPS check N 40 12.151' W 112 10.131'
2.98 Fork R again downhill
3.05 Left at 4-way to head over small ridge
3.15, 3.4 Keep straight (L), go over knoll
3.9   Fork L and go UP THE WALL (east)
        (Alt = R into valley, L at forks, add 2.5 m)
4.0   Top of ridge N 40 11.337' W 112 10.407'
4.4   Turn L at 4-way to go NE up long valley
4.7, 5.25 Keep straight (left)
5.65 Keep straight (track joins on L)
5.95 Keep straight (R) to continue northeast
6.1   Keep straight and head down wash
7.15 Straight (trail joins from R), out onto flat
        GPS check N 40 12.428' W 112 08.143'
7.5   Turn L away from valley, going west
7.8   Keep straight as doubletrack crosses
8.8   Keep straight as track joins on R
9.8   Keep straight at 4-way
10.0 Fork R downhill
10.1 Keep straight (R) downhill
10.15 Fork L
10.25 Fork L, aiming towards big dirt road
10.35 Back at loop-return C, turn R
          Roll straight down road, bypass loop at A
11.0   Back at the parking area
Getting there:  From I-15, take the Lehi Main Street exit. Turn west and drive through Lehi. After crossing the Jordan River, you'll come to a traffic light in the middle of nowhere. This is Redwood Road. Set your odometer, and continue straight on SR-73. 19.2 miles after the traffic light, you'll see dirt parking areas on both sides of the road. Turn left. The broad dirt road heading southwest is the beginning of the trail. GPS N 40 14.179' W 112 09.956'

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.