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Five Miles of Hell
Five Miles of Hell is the real name of this trail. But the name is not a completely accurate description. There's really 7 miles of Hell (gnarly, gonzo, sick, and abusive technical riding on very rough rock) in this 20.6-mile loop. The Five Miles of Hell portion of this trail is extreme, trials-level technical. Peak altitude is 6700, bottom 6000, but with constant up-and-down riding, your climbing will be around 2000 vertical feet.
Trail notes:
0.0   Head east on DT
        N 38 47.340' W 110 42.583'
0.5   Keep straight (L)
1.4   Fork R (L = return)
        N 38 47.232' W 110 41.513'  alt=6700'
3.0   DT ends, sign-in trail box
        N 38 46.200' W 110 40.865'
        Straight S on ST, follow red dashes
4.0   Fork hard L (white dashes) at sign
        N 38 45.780' W 110 40.190'
        4.5 sand dig, 5.2 sand dig
5.7   Drop through deep canyon (sand dig)
5.9   Bailout at ridge ("Out" and arrow on rock)
        N 38 46.409' W 110 39.689' alt=6500
        R to continue
6.9   Small slot canyon, sand dig
7.2   Bailout at ridge ("Out" and arrow on rock)
        N 38 45.942' W 110 39.399'
        R to continue
8.1   Southernmost tip, start going north
8.7   Bailout in wash ("Out" and arrow on rock)
        N 38 45.783' W 110 38.996' alt=6300
        R (east) down wash to continue
8.8   Ravine, sand. Again at 9.6 and 10.5
12.1 ST drops to rock-bottom wash, trail box
        N 38 45.208' W 110 36.951' alt=6000
        L up wash 100 feet
        Climb out on R (cairns) to ATV trail
19.3 At fork (see 1.4), keep straight
20.6 Back at vehicle
Getting there:  On US-6 approaching Green River, turn right (westbound) on I-70. Drive 25 miles and exit at Ranch Exit 131 (note: this exit was formerly numbered 129). Turn left under the freeway, then veer right with the road. Keep straight at all intersections. Note a first cattle guard at mile 3.2. After crossing a second cattle guard at 6.7, descend and turn left on a small road at mile 7.6. Park on the left 0.1 miles down the road, just before the wash, N 38 47.340' W 110 42.583'. Begin the ride by continuing on the road.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.