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View of Fish Lake from the shoreline trail

Fish Lake Shoreline Trail - Mytoge Mountain
Fish Lake, at 8700 feet, is the site of the Mytoge Mountain bike trail, which climbs over the mountain south of the lake. Along the north shore of the lake, there's an easy well-groomed trail that hugs the shoreline. This is perfect for the kiddies. Strong intermediate riders will use this trail to complete a 26-mile loop: west on the shoreline trail, around the west side of the lake, south to the top of Mytoge Mountain, east across the upper plateau, down some technical stuff to the east end of the lake, then back to the shoreline trail.

Riding Notes, counterclockwise from Doctor Creek:
0    Trail is on far end of parking area, go right (west)
1    Cross first doubletrack near camping
      Join DT, keep L. Curve around SW side of lake
      Keep generally L as roads fork off
      Up over small hill
2    Find ST along shore of lake, head NE w lake on L
3    ST climbs switchbacks to top of moutain
4    1st view over lake
      Keep L and NE. (Spurs on R go to DT nearby)
5.5 Viewpoint, ride's highest point @ 9900 ft
7    Viewpoint, cross fence, begin downhill
8    R onto DT
      Pass lake on R, then on L, climb up a bit
11  ST goes L, descend sharply to creek
13  Cross U-25, DT continues across road
      DT becomes ST
15  Descend SW on DT from Pelican Promontory
16  Cross road to ST at Bowery Haven
      Follow shoreline trail SW
18  Back at Doctor Creek parking
(These mileages are approximate!)
Getting there: Fish Lake is about 210 miles south of Salt Lake City. Take I-15 to Cipio, then UT-50 to Salina. Backtrack west (turn right) on I-70 about 7 miles, then take UT-24 to UT-25 and continue to the lake. The shoreline trail can be picked up anywhere along the north side. There's a parking area titled "Doctor Creek Trailhead" at the west end of the lake, which is a good place to pick up the shoreline trail.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.

Fish Lake Bike Trail Map