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Farmington Bay Wetlands Trail
The Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area offers some easy cruising on dikes within the wetlands. The "Short Loop" at the south end is perfect for a family with pre-teen children -- the trail is absolutely flat and straight, the surface is smooth for easy riding, there's plenty of little ponds filled with birds, and the distance (6.3 miles total) is bearable for younger legs. The short loop is closed to cars.
Note: The area is open August 1 through February 28 for bike and foot traffic, from 8 am to 5 pm. Only the northern entrance (to Goose Egg Island), down to the parking area at the 4-way dike intersection (see map) is open year round. The southern loop is closed from 3/1 to 7/31 to allow bird nesting. Dogs are allowed only September 25 to Feb 28.
Big Loop Riding notes:
0.0  At the parking area, trail starts on your left at the gate
0.4  Fork, turn left to go west
3.0  Gate and 4-way dike intersection, go straight
5.0  Trail turns east
6.0  Intersection with gravel road, continue straight
7.0  Gravel road goes left, continue straight
8.8  Dike trail on right, keep left
9.8  Back at first fork, go straight
10.2 At parking area

Short Loop Riding notes:
0.0  At the parking area, trail starts on your left at the gate
0.4  Fork (N 40 54.67' W 111 55.43'), turn left to go west
3.0  Gate, 4-way dike intersection (N 40 55.88' W 111 56.83')
       Go right
4.9  Fork (N 40 55.28' W 111 54.80') right (south)
5.9  Back at first fork, go straight
6.3  At parking area 

West Dike: Turn left (west) at mile 3.0 (see above). The dike will veer slightly south after the first mile. At mile 7.2, it turns back to shore bearing southeast. The dike ends in thick marsh, with some fields to hike-a-bike before reaching some ranch roads in North Salt Lake.

Getting there: From I-15, take the 400 North (West Bountiful) exit and turn west (away from the mountains). A short bit after turning off the freeway, turn right (north) at the first stop sign onto 800 West. Drive north to the next stop sign, turning left (west) on 1600 North. When the road veers right, go across the bridge then immediately turn left on the dirt road. Drive 1 mile to the parking area. GPS N 40 54.470' W 111 55.835'. (If you turn before the bridge, you'll wind up at the boat launch. That's OK -- park and walk your bike over the canal to the adjacent road and ride 0.5 mile west to the parking area.)
To enter the north end of the wetlands, get onto the frontage road that runs along the east side of the freeway between Farmington and Centerville. Turn west onto Glover's Lane and go over the freeway. Turn south on gravel road to reach the north end of the loop. Turn right (the gate on the left is usually locked). You'll be able to drive as far as the 4-way intersection of the Great Salt Lake dike with the Short Loop. Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.

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