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Pipeline-Village Trail Loop
This Deer Valley-area loop gives you a long, radical downhill romp. There's an initial 1/2-mile brutal climb to "cock the gun" then you fly like a bullet on a long twisting downhill along the Pipeline Trail. To return a bit uphill, the Village Trail is a relatively painless and pretty climb. The ride begins just north of the Snow Park Lodge at Deer Valley.
Pass under the lift, circling on doubletrack around to the left, to begin a grunt climb. One-half mile later, you're ready to rumble. As the doubletrack turns right, ride straight ahead and fly down a couple of switchbacks on the ski slope, then enter the trees. Going slightly uphill, you'll traverse a couple of additional ski slopes before merging with Upper Deer Crest, coming in from your right. At the next fork, drop left downhill through a series of switchbacks. The trail will drop down to an open area, where you'll see an underpass ahead. Fork hard right downhill. You're now on The Pipeline. Fly.
The Pipeline drops you into the same long open area a couple of miles later. Head uphill a bit on the left side, then cross over to the right side and enter the trees on the Village Trail. At the top of the Village Trail, you'll coast downhill to the Deer Crest guardhouse. Go on the left side, exit the pavement on the singletrack next to the guardhouse, then fork right on the Gap Bypass. This trail will traverse around the mountain, back to the main Deer Valley parking area where you started.
0.0  Gate at SW corner of road in front of lodge
0.6  Top of DT climb, straight onto ST
1.0   Deer Crest in on R
1.1   L downhill, long switchbacks
1.6   R downhill, then L down DT
1.7   Hard R downhill in open area
        Switchbacks under road
3.7   At open area, L uphill
3.9   Into trees on R side of open area
4.4   R downhill on pavement to guardhouse
        Option: climb Gap over mountain
        Option 2: longer ride via Snowtop,
            return around Hidden Hollow Loop
4.6   L of guardhouse, L uphill 30 ft
        R to traverse around mountain
5.0   Drop down to road by lodge
Getting there:  In Park City, follow the signs to Deer Valley Resort. Just after you turn past the Snow Park Lodge, turn left into the first parking lot. Get on your bike. As you leave the lot the way you came, the first street on your left is where the return trail comes out. Ride past it, around in front of the Snow Park Lodge, and go to the gate on the far right side of all the buildings. Turn left through the gate and begin riding uphill on the doubletrack.

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