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Spend a while looking over the view of Flaming Gorge.

Dowd Mountain Trail
The Dowd Mountain Trail begins on the high plateau of the Uinta Mountains of northeast Utah. The trail passes through longleaf pine and juniper. There's very little elevation gain, and the trail is OK for strong novice riders. The trail is half singletrack and half double-track. If a rider gets tired, there's a "bailout" graded road back from the midway lookout point. The midpoint of the trail is this impressive view over Flaming Gorge. We'd rate the technical difficulty as early-intermediate and the aerobic requirement as light. The route is marked with blue diamonds on posts and trees.

Riding notes, counterclockwise loop:
0.0   Start up gravel road, pass over cattle guard
        N40 52.937 W109 41.535
0.1   Fork R onto ST N40 52.892 W109 41.461
1.5   Merge L onto faint DT N40 52.513 W109 40.455
2.1   Fork R on doubletrack N40 52.658 W109 39.926
4.7   Fork L on DT, turns northwest
        N40 53.025 W109 37.748
5.7   Fork R on graded road N40 53.636 W109 38.137
6.2   At viewpoint N40 53.830 W109 37.536
        West on ST on left of viewpoint
7.1   Fork hard L (R = down to lake)
        N40 53.802 W109 38.328
7.3   Fork hard R onto FR 613
        N40 53.636 W109 38.162
9.2   Straight into ST as DT turns L
        N40 53.106 W109 40.054
10.5 Back at road N40 52.921 W109 41.492
        R to parking
Getting there: On Utah Highway 44, look for the Dowd Springs and Dowd Mountain Road signs about 14 miles south of Manila on the west side of Flaming Gorge reservoir. The trail starts at the graded road across the highway from the parking area. Just past the cattle guard, watch for the blue diamond marker as the singletrack leaves the road.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.