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Dee Pass Loop
The Dee Pass Loop combines two desert motorcycle routes with a smidgen of dirt road to form a 13.4-mile mountain biking loop. This loop is located southwest of Green River. The riding isn't too technical, but there are a few steep spots and a couple of sandy areas. 
0.0   Trail crosses road, go east
        N 38 49.901' W 109 59.971'  alt=4400'
0.5   Keep straight at trail crossing
        Continue up wash past watering trough
        N 38 49.874' W 109 59.508'
        (Trail on R is return trail)
0.6   Ruins on left
1.2   Cross Dee Pass, more ruins
3.0   Keep right to climb steep hill
        Hilltop N 38 49.68' W 109 57.45'  alt=4750'
5.1   Turn R on dirt road 
        N 38 48.973' W 109 55.756'  alt=4575'
        (ST continues towards Blue Hills)
8.1   Fork R where cairn marks minor DT
        N 38 47.254' W 109 57.920'  alt=4600'
9.0   ST comes in from L, keep straight
        N 38 47.577' W 109 58.493'  alt=4730'
10    Crest ridge
        N 38 48.295' W 109 58.186'  alt=4740'
11    4-way, fork R
        N 38 48.558' W 109 58.888'  alt=4600'
11.4 and 11.9  Keep R
12.8 Turn L onto original trail
        N 38 49.874' W 109 59.508'
13.4 Back to vehicle
Getting there:  On I-70, drive 15 miles east of Green River. Exit at Ranch Exit 175. Turn right and head south. At mile 4.1 from I-70, keep right (left is Blue Hills Road). At around mile 7, keep left. Watch for a trail crossing the road near a fence at mile 7.2, N 38 49.901' W 109 59.971'. Park here and ride east (downhill, through the fence).

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.