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Country Club Trails (Bull Mesa riding area)
The Country Club trails are on Bull Mesa south of Helper. The trails vary in difficulty from easy-intermediate to expert. As the trails circle the edge of the mesa, expect great views. At an altitude averaging 6000 feet, the riding season will be mid-April through November. This loop has expert, intermediate, and easier sections, with 1100 feet of climbing overall.
Trail conditions, alignment, and connections will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2017.
Riding notes, counterclockwise lariat ride:
0.0   Out of parking southbound
        N39 38.269 W110 51.991
0.2   Fork R uphill on road
        N39 38.104 W110 51.964
0.4   Keep L on DT N39 38.180 W110 52.034
0.7   R to Driver N39 37.966 W110 52.144
1.8   R on 3 Wood (L = to road)
        N39 37.602 W110 52.240
3.7   R on 5 Wood (L = to road)
        N39 37.418 W110 52.936
4.6   Keep L (R = Out of Bounds)
        N39 37.808 W110 53.046
5.5   Cross road to Putter
        N39 37.392 W110 53.333
6.9   Straight to Cliff Burton (R = DT to road)
        N39 37.409 W110 54.582
8.7   Hard R uphill (L = DT to road)
        N39 37.159 W110 53.423
        Start DT portion of Cliff Burton
9.6   R to join Bull Mesa road
        N39 37.372 W110 52.648
10.0 L on Driver, 50 feet, then R
        N39 37.598 W110 52.228
11.1 L on mesa road
        N39 37.967 W110 52.145
11.6 L at road fork
11.8 Back at parking.
Getting there:  On US-6 eastbound, drive through Helper. Just after crossing the Price River, turn left onto the Carbonville Road. Around 1/10th mile later, turn right on Chapman Lane (2500 North). Ignore the "Dead End" sign. Turn right past the storage buildings, then follow the road as it turns under US-6. It will become Rim Rock drive as it circles around the south end of the golf course, then turns west and climbs up the mesa. As you reach the flatter area above the cliffs, turn left into a small parking area. The ride starts by pedaling up the dirt road.