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Center Trail to Strawberry Ridge Loop. Second Water and upper Fifth Water Trails.
The Center Trail to Strawberry Ridge Loop is an epic ride for very strong conditioned riders. But there are shorter ride options, so stay tuned. The ride starts at 7400 feet elevation on Rays Valley Road, mid-way between Hobble Creek and Spanish Fork Canyon. The loop has just over 4000 vertical feet of climbing, with a top altitude of 8500 feet. It's 18.3 miles long. Less-strong riders can ride shorter loop options to the Center Trail via Third Water or Fourth Water.
Riding notes, Center Trail to Strawberry Ridge from Second Water:
0.0    Through fence and uphill from trailhead
          N40 03.385 W111 16.754, Alt 7400 ft
1.2    After steep uphill, keep L at fork N40 03.660 W111 15.495
1.8    Hard L and climb sidehill (Center Trail) N40 04.056 W111 14.971
2.3    Top of ridge, keep straight ( R=DT connector to Ridge)
         N40 04.228 W111 15.357, Alt 8450. Descend into Third Water
3.0    Keep R uphill (L=descend Third Water Trail to road)
         N40 04.768 W111 15.088 Alt 7900
3.9    Cross fork of Third Water
4.4    Third Water Ridge, keep straight
         N40 05.476 W111 15.469
5.2    Keep R uphill (L=descend Fourth Water Trail to road)
         N40 05.863 W111 14.751
5.7    Cross ridge, keep straight N40 06.183 W111 14.928
6.1    Cross branch of Fourth Water, climb again
6.5    Through gate top of Fourth Water Ridge  N40 06.658 W111 14.962
7.6    R uphill on Fifth Water Trail 7500 ft,  N40 07.252 W111 14.869
9.8    At Strawberry Ridge Road, fork R
         N40 08.275 W111 13.441, Alt =8300 ft
         (Option: cross cattleguard then L on ATV trail,
          continue north over Strawberry Ridge.)
10.6  Keep straight (R) N40 07.637 W111 13.337
15.8  Hard R on ST just before cattleguard at bottom of hill
         Descend Second Water
         Pass Center Trail fork N40 04.056 W111 14.971
18.3  Back at parking

Getting there, via Spanish Fork Canyon:  On I-15, exit on US-6 toward Price. Continue up Spanish Fork Canyon, passing the Manti exit at mile 14. About mile 23, just after exiting the "Red Narrows", turn left on the paved Sheep Creek Road. (It's immediately before the gas station and camping area.) 7 miles up the road, pass the Unicorn Ridge camping area (toilet!) and the Strawberry Ridge Road on your right. At 9.3 miles from US-6, you'll pass a corral on your left, then note a dirt road on the right. That dirt road is the parking area for the Second Water Trail.

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