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Can You Moo?
Can You Moo? is a 11.6-mile loop in the red dirt and rock west of Vernal. The loop is best ridden counterclockwise. The trail is narrow desert singletrack, intermediate technical, twisting and turning through a gradual 550 feet of climbing. It's not too tough, and not too scary. There's one short brute climb on the way out (counterclockwise loop), and one spooky loose plunge on the way back. Good bike-handling skills are recommended to keep the bike on the narrow singletrack. The trail can be ridden virtually year-round, although some clay areas can get really ugly when wet. This area is winter range for a LOT of cows. The trail surface can change drastically during the wet months of winter.

Upper Moo is a nice add-on loop that forks off Can You Moo? at mile 5 (when riding counterclockwise) at N 40 23.670' W 109 38.138'. Although not as visually rich or exciting to ride as Can You Moo?, it offers another 8 miles of similar riding. Adding Upper Moo gives you a fairly easy 20-mile ride.

Ridden counterclockwise, the uphill section is a twisting, high-speed gradual climb in a shallow flat canyon. The trail drops in and out of the wash countless times. Once you reach the Upper Moo fork, the trail rises over a saddle and begins a more-technical descent. The trail hits a number of unusual geographic formations resembling lava flows, alternating with high-speed desert brush. Stop at Altitude Cycle in Vernal for directions and current riding conditions. They have an excellent trail guidebook to the Vernal region trails, including topo maps and excellent mile-by-mile trail-riding directions.

Getting there:  Starting at the view area on US-40 just west of Vernal, drive west (away from Vernal) 5.9 miles. As the road curves right around a small mountain, spot a dirt road on the right. Park on the side of the dirt road at N 40 20.253' W 109 38.055'. Carry your bike through the gate (close it!) and start riding up the old road. When the singletrack leaves the road on the left, keep right as the trail drops into a wash.

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