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The C Trail
The C Trail is Cedar City's incredible downhill romp. NOT a trail for beginning riders, this is a super-twisty flight straight down Cedar Mountain to the edge of the city. The downhill singletrack is 4.5 miles in length, dropping 2300 vertical feet (peak altitude 8400 ft) through a gazillion tight turns, and would be rated advanced-intermediate technical. The loop using Greens Lake Drive is 10.5 miles and is very strenuous aerobic.
Options: (1) Point-to point with a shuttle. Strictly downhill. (2) Out-and-back. Granny-gear, but it can be done. (3) Road tour. Pavement up the canyon, right on the Kolob Reservoir road, then trail for a 16-mile loop. (4) "Allergic to Pavement" Loop. Head past the lower trailhead, climb dirt road for 10.5 mile loop.
Out-and-Back: Leave your car at the water tank (see map). Head south past the tank, then climb onto the levee to your left and continue south. When you reach the semicircular flood control dike, drop off onto the dirt road to continue straight. Just before you come to the far side of the flood basin, watch for a singletrack heading up into the junipers at 0.45 miles. A trailhead sign is hidden behind the trees about 30 feet up the trail. Now head uphill.

Trail layout or conditions may change. Use this guide at your own risk.

Loop using Greens Lake Drive: As above, leave your car at the water tank (see map). Climb onto the levee to your left and continue south. Cross TWO flood control basins, aiming for the homes just downhill from the second water tank. As you draw near the homes, spot a path between the homes and drop onto a street, still heading south. About 100 yards later at mile 1.35, the street will reach Greens Lake Drive, a paved road heading east uphill. Turn left and start uphill. The road immediately turns to gravel and becomes steep. Once you reach the homes, the road will become Cedar Highlands Drive. Keep on this main road until you reach the paved Kolob Reservoir road at mile 5.7. Turn left and cross the cattle guard, then turn left onto the dirt road leading to the overlook. The trail drops off on the left-hand side of the overlook.
Getting there:  On Cedar City's north-south Main Street, turn east (towards the mountain) on 400 South. Drive to 300 East and turn right (south). Find a spot to park near the water tank.

For the shuttle option or road loop, head back north on 300 East to 400 South, then jog east (right) one block, turn north again on 400 East. At Center Street, turn right (east towards the mountains) and head up the canyon. Five miles up the canyon, turn right on the Kolob Reservoir road. Watch for a tiny sign marking the C Overlook at mile 4.6, just before a fence with a cattleguard. Turn right into the parking area of the overlook.

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