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Butterfield Canyon  (Copper Mine Overlook)
Butterfield Canyon offers a steady climb from the valley floor (5500 ft) to a peak in the Oquirrh Mountains at 9200 feet elevation, overlooking the Bingham Canyon copper mine. The paved road rises only 1000 feet in the first 4 miles. Once you hit the dirt at mile 4.7, the climb is over 500 vertical feet per mile over the next 5 miles. That's 3700 feet of elevation change. Round trip, you're looking at 20 miles, but you can shorten the ride by driving up the road and finding a spot to park.

Navigation of the trail isn't difficult. Just turn R uphill when you hit Butterfield Pass. You'll know it when you see it, it's the only fork in the road after you leave the pavement.

Alternate trailheads to shorten the ride:  
1. Gravel road on the left 4.1 miles from the trailhead, GPS N 40 29.161' W 112 09.058'.
2. Butterfield Pass, about 7 miles from the trailhead.

Exploration opportunities:
At Butterfield Pass, ATV tracks traverse both sides of the mountain. One track (right) connects to a downhill singletrack. The left ATV track wanders off a couple of miles on the mountain. As an alternative to the steady grind up the gravel road, try the dirt road in the canyon bottom at mile 4.1. Eventually, you can find your way onto singletrack the climbs steeply up to the pass.

Getting there:  From I-15, take the Bangerter Highway and head west. After the highway curves north, turn left on 126th south (traffic light and big pedestrian overpass) at mile 6.0. 126th becomes 131st. At the fire station and church in Herriman, set your odometer. At mile 1.7 keep right as the road curves north at a fork. At mile 3.0, turn left at a sign saying "Wild Horse Center." (At this point, the road turns north - right.) Keep right at the road fork at mile 3.1, and find a place to park on the left side of the road just past the fork, GPS N 40 30.803' W 112 05.794'. 

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