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Burro Pass
This loop ride is about 10 miles, with around 2000 feet of climbing. We did the Burro Pass trail itself but haven't done the entire trail route we describe here. It exists on our maps, so help yourself and good luck. The loop ride starts at 10,300, peaks at 11,200 feet in the La Sal Mountains, then loops around past Oowah Lake. Burro Pass is only for very strong, skilled, and adventuresome riders. Season is Mid July through September. Alternative loops include (1) start at Warner Lake and head 1/3 mile to the intersection then down toward Oowah Lake. (2) start on the Geyser Pass road at Geyser Pass. (3) using the Ooway Lake or Warner Campground roads as returns from the Burro Pass trail.
Burro Pass, counter-clockwise loop
0.0    Start uphill through the trees
         N38 29.801 W109 13.034
         Step through the gate onto ST
1.2    Ridge, cross and start downhill
         N38 30.214 W109 13.654
         Switchbacks, loose, steep
3.2    Fork L downhill 
         N38 30.701 W109 15.143
3.8    Cross ditch R uphill
         N38 30.53 W109 15.68 (approx)

4.8    Fork left on ST
         N38 30.989 W109 16.437
         (Lake = to Warner Campground)
Further mileage is approximate!
-- Based on topo map of area --
We have NOT been beyond this point.

5.8    Join DT L to Oowah Lake
6.1    Pass Oowah Lake and find ST
7.1    Fork L
8.4    L on Geyser Pass road
Retrace shuttle route to trailhead

Getting there:
On Moab's Main Street and Center, head south on US-191. Drive 8.2 miles and turn left toward Ken's Lake - La Sal Loop Road. At the T intersection 1/2 mile later on the paved La Sal Loop Road to mile 20.6, then turn right on gravel Geyser Pass road. Drive 8 miles on Geyser Pass road (to mile 28.6). Here you come to a fork, with a small turnaround on the left just before the fork. This is Geyser Pass (N38 29.122 W109 13.940). Go left (you should see a "Burro Pass 1.2" sign as you curve around the fork), then keep right at the fork that immediately follows. 1.2 miles later (mile 29.8) turn left off the main road on an eroded doubletrack climbing steeply up the mountain, with a sign "Burro Pass TH" (N38 29.408 W109 12.906). Go 1/2 mile up the mountain (4-wheel drive strongly suggested here) and park where the DT disappears into some fir trees.

Note: Some riders park at the turnaround on Geyser Pass (the 3-way fork 1.2 miles from the spur leading up to the singletrack trailhead). If so, add 1.7 miles to the mileages on the riding guide. If you parked on the road below the spur (1/2 mile from the singletrack trailhead), add 0.5 miles. 

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