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Bunchgrass Trail (White Pine Lake)
The Bunchgrass Trail starts at Tony Grove Lake in Logan Canyon. This very pretty singletrack trail is 11.2 miles long (if you do the little loop at White Pine Lake). There's a moderate amount of climbing on the dirt, around 1000 total. The descent is 2500 from a peak altitude of 8800 feet. With the shuttle option, it's suitable for intermediate riders, although some might struggle on the rocky areas. Expert riders will hammer this one and love it. The ride offers miles and miles of not-too-technical high-speed downhill singletrack. The ride can be done as a shuttle by leaving a car at the bottom of the Tony Grove road, or as a 19-mile loop by riding the bike up the 7-mile paved road to the lake.
Riding notes, from Tony Grove Lake:
0.0    Northwest corner of parking, pick correct trail
         N41 53.705 W111 38.552    Elevation 8000 feet
         (Check sign! White Pine Lake)
0.3    Fork R   N41 53.900 W111 38.558
0.9    Fork R   N41 54.351 W111 38.647
2.6    Top of ridge 8800 feet, descend
3.5    4-way: L=lake loop, R=descend
         N41 55.381 W111 39.008

4.2    Back at 4-way, go L to continue
7.5    Fork R (L=Pine Creek)  N41 55.269 W111 35.861
7.6    1st of 2 stiff hike-a-bikes
11.1  Fork R   N41 53.545 W111 34.074
11.2  At road N41 53.505 W111 33.948, go R (down) on 89
11.7  Turn R then L onto Tony Grove Rd
         Elevation 6300 feet

Getting there:  In Logan, turn east at 400 North on US-89 towards Logan Canyon (about 2 miles). Drive 21 miles from the canyon mouth. At the sign for Tony Grove Lake, turn left, then immediately turn left again. (Right goes to a campground.) Now drive 7 miles uphill to the end of the pavement at Tony Grove Lake. There are bathrooms and camping at the lake. The trailhead is at the northwest corner of the parking loop N41 53.705 W111 38.552.

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