Brittain's Ribbon  (and Paper Airplane Point) at Powder Mountain
Brittain's Ribbon runs parallel to the road to the upper Powder Mountain ski lodge. It's 1.8 miles long with excellent riding either as a climbing or downhill trail. It can be combined with other Powder Mountain trails such as Brim and Hidden Lake for a longer ride. The starting altitude is 8200 feet with a top of 8800, which gives this trail a riding season of mid June through September.
Trail connections, alignments, and conditions will change. Use this guide at your own risk. 2016
For ride below, also print area topo map to show other area trails!
Riding notes, lariat w Airplane spur, Hidden Lake, and Brim:
0.0   Intersection Highway 158 with Powder Ridge
        Pedal uphill up Powder Ridge Road
0.15 R on Brittain's Ribbon
        N41 22.648 W111 46.876
1.3   Fork R (L = to road)
        N41 22.379 W111 46.266
1.6   R on Paper Airplane
        N41 22.198 W111 46.211
1.8   At point, turn around
        N41 22.090 W111 46.440
2.1   R to continue Brittain's
2.5   L uphill on road
        N41 22.067 W111 46.140
2.55 R on Powder Ridge Rd
        N41 22.101 W111 46.152
2.7   L uphill on gravel
        N41 22.085 W111 46.008
3.0   Far end of parking N41 22.181 W111 45.856
        DT north, turning east (right) downhill
3.2   Keep L (R = parking on paved road)
        N41 22.141 W111 45.623
3.4   Pass lift to ST (don't follow lift path)
        N41 22.218 W111 45.436
        Hidden Lake trail
3.6   Keep straight (R = up to lift path)
        N41 22.265 W111 45.344
4.5   Cross DT (R on DT = bailout route)
        N41 22.367 W111 44.419
6.0   Hard R N41 21.424 W111 44.335
        Go 100 ft to DT and keep R
        N41 21.424 W111 44.335
6.4   Cross DT to ST (Brim Trail)
        N41 21.635 W111 44.678
9.5   Keep L (R = Brim Cut)
        N41 20.707 W111 44.275
10.7 Cross DT as Brim Cut rejoins on L
12.5 Keep R to Hidden Lake trail
        N41 20.628 W111 43.949
        Now retrace outbound route
16.3 Keep straight (skip Paper Airplane)
        N41 22.198 W111 46.211
17.8 Back at Hwy 158-Powder Ridge intersection
Getting there:  From I-15, take Exit 347 to Ogden Canyon. Drive 7 miles up Highway 39 and turn left across the Pine View dam onto Highway 158. Four miles later as you pass the gas station in Eden, keep straight at the stop sign. Drive steep uphill 7 more miles to Powder Mountain. Pass the lower lifts on your left as you follow a turn in the road. The next road on your right is Powder Ridge Road. The bottom of the trail is 1/10th mile up the road, on your right.
There's a bit of parking on the shoulder of Powder Ridge Road, presumeably legal. Pedal uphill until you see the trail on your right.
To start from the main lodge parking, keep straight on Highway 158 for 100 yards. Park at the main lodge and backtrack to Powder Ridge Road and pedal uphill to the trail.
To start from the top, drive up Powder Ridge Road. Go 1.2 miles uphill then fork left uphill on gravel road to reach to the upper lodge parking. To find the trail, backtrack on your bike to the paved road and continue 1/10th mile downhill. Turn left on paved road and find the trail on your right at the bottom of the guardrail.