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Bonneville Shoreline Trail, northern SLC
The northern Salt Lake City section extends from City Creek Canyon to Emigration Canyon. One option is a 10-mile loop from City Creek that covers 7 miles of trail, then a 3-mile road return. The ride is strenuous aerobic but easy-intermediate technical. The section south of the U Med Center is fairly flat and non-technical. This section is suitable for beginners. Another very nice option is to use the famous Bobsled as your downhill.
City Creek - Dry Gulch: The trail begins on Bonneville Drive just east of the City Creek Canyon road (see below), with a few parking places at the trailhead (GPS N 40 47.388' W 111 52.709'). There's a stiff climb on singletrack, 650 vertical feet over the first mile. Climb 3 miles to the divide above City Creek Canyon. Total elevation gain is 1250 feet. At around mile 2.5, fork hard L as the trail reaches the Terrace Hills trail. 0.5 mile later, pass the Bobsled trail on your R. Around mile 5 the singletrack loops passes the Limekiln Gulch trail on the R, then drops to Dry Gulch, turning to run straight down the Avenues Trailhead. This is a GREAT descent. But keep your speed under control so you don't crash into a runner.

Bonneville Shoreline North Map

From the Avenues Trailhead (GPS N 40 46.658' W 111 50.225'), you can head left past the University of Utah Hospital towards the Emigration Canyon end of the trail. Or, fork right and climb a short distance until you hit the paved recreation trail that rolls past Popperton Park. Dump onto the city street next to the trail and head straight until you're on 11th Avenue. Continue until 11th turns right on Bonneville Drive, then roll on back to the City Creek Trailhead.
UMed to Emigration: Southeast of Dry Gulch, the trail becomes more tame. This section from the U Med Center to Emigration Canyon is fairly easy, with little altitude gain. There are several alternate trails, which usually rejoin after a half-mile or so.
Getting there, City Creek trailhead:  From North Temple at around 5th East, head north uphill on E Street. At 11th Avenue, turn left and drive until 11th Avenue ends at the edge of City Creek Canyon. Turn right on the one-way (no passing: the left lane is for bikers and pedestrians). Pull over at the small parking area at the bottom of the canyon (GPS N 40 47.388' W 111 52.709'). If you go past the paved City Creek Canyon road, you've gone too far.

Terrace Hills: On 11th Avenue, turn uphill onto Terrace Hills Drive, then immediately turn left into the parking area. From the parking lot, ride 0.65 mile up Terrace Hills to the trailhead, on your right at the dead-end. Climb another 0.3 to reach the BST.
Popperton Park: Go east on 11th to Popperton Park. Pedal east on the paved bike trail until it drops over the shoulder of the foothill into a wide gravel area. This is the Dry Gulch trailhead GPS N 40 46.658' W 111 50.225'. Turn left and begin climbing the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.
Red Butte: On Foothill Blvd, turn towards the mountains on Wakara Way. Just before the entry to Red Butte Gardens, turn right and park anywhere along the road. Find a "feeder trail" that climbs about 100 yards uphill to the BST.
This is the Place: From Foothill Blvd, turn east on Sunnyside Avenue. Park near This is the Place monument and find the trailhead on Sunnyside Avenue. Go northeast around the state park on a steep climb.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.