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View towards Utah Lake, nearing the end of the trail Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Provo Canyon Section
The Provo Canyon section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail is an advanced-intermediate singletrack hill climb, followed by a fairly flat cruise out to a view over Utah Valley. Altitude gain is 500 feet, but feels like more. Out-and-back to the viewpoint is 6 miles. Despite the low beginning altitude of 4850 feet, this is not an all-season trail. Snow remains until late April. The trail is intersected by jeep roads and other singletrack routes. When in doubt, take the most flat trail.
Riding notes from Nunn's parking:
0.0   East (up canyon) on paved trail
0.1   Hard R uphill on ST (BST)
        N40 20.278 W111 36.479
2.0   Straight (L = Pole Canyon)
        N40 19.069 W111 37.424
2.5   Straight (R = Squaw Pk Parking)
        N40 19.117 W111 37.816
2.6   Straight (L = Circles)
        N40 19.126 W111 37.859
2.8   Straight on DT (L = exit from Luna's Trail)
        N40 19.236 W111 38.034
        Option: R for ST trip around hill
              3.2 Rejoins N40 19.232 W111 38.136

2.9   Fork rejoins on R
        N40 19.232 W111 38.145
        Cross paved road
3.6   R = to viewpoint or Indian Hills
        N40 18.772 W111 38.354
        or L = Upper BST
             3.9  R (L = Cactus Hill to road)
                    N40 18.589 W111 38.281
             4.6  Join Squaw Peak DH route
                    N40 18.197 W111 38.272

4.2   View and turnaround
        N40 18.781 W111 38.989
        or descend to Indian Hills
            4.8  Arrive at pavement
                   N40 18.574 W111 39.180
            5.1  At Canyon Road

8.4   Back at parking
Getting there: The trail is accessed from the Provo Canyon Parkway, a paved recreation trail. The closest trailhead is at the Bridal Veil Park parking lot. Pull off US-189 two miles up Provo Canyon at the Bridal Veil Park - Nunns Park exit, then turn right into the parking lot. The trail on the right side, just where the road turns into the parking lot at GPS N 40 20.249'  W 111 36.578'. Many riders park at the mouth of Provo Canyon on Orem's 800 North Street (parking is left just past the gas station as you reach the canyon, before you enter the overpass). GPS N 40 18.840'  W 111 39.472'.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.

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