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Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Provo Section
This is a broad-track 6.8 mile out-and-back from Rock Canyon to Slate Canyon. Except for a teensy stretch out of Rock Canyon, it's up-and-down jeep road. Much of the trail has been improved with a deep deposit of cinders, perfect for downhill bike-surfing and uphill trench-digging tire spinning. Starting altitude is 5200, so the hillside gets hot on summer afternoons. There's about 250 feet in elevation change, but with the out-and-back, you'll do about 1000 feet of total climbing.
The trail begins at the Nature Center in Rock Canyon at altitude 5200. The singletrack is lined with rocks. Head towards the canyon, then follow the right fork around and cross the road. The trail becomes narrow singletrack for about 100 yards as it curves out of the canyon. Becoming gravel doubletrack, the trail gradually climbs in elevation. At 1.65 miles, it joins pavement briefly to reach the "Y" trailhead at mile 1.75. At 3.4 miles, it drops down to the bottom of Slate Canyon, losing 500 feet.
To continue on the Springville section, follow the doubletrack around, through the creek, then fork right downhill. Ignore the tempting uphill tracks on your left -- they don't go anywhere. Instead, roll all the way down to the power lines. Head southeast on the doubletrack between the power lines. Hobble Creek is 8 miles southeast
Getting there:  Take the Orem 12th South or Center Street exit and drive east to Provo's University Avenue. (If you're on University Parkway, turn left -- north. If you took Center Street, turn right -- south.) At 2330 North, turn east towards the mountain. When the street starts turning right (south) about 0.6 miles from University, immediately turn left on 2300 North, which becomes North Temple. When this street also starts to turn right (south), go straight up into the Rock Canyon parking area. The trail starts as singletrack at the gate, GPS N 40 15.882' W 111 37.787'.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.