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Bonneville Shoreline, Draper Section, including Oak Hollow and Spring Hollow Trails
Surprisingly nice for a trail so close to civilization, the Bonneville Shoreline on Draper's south mountain is a worthwhile ride. This section is 4.8 miles in length. The Shoreline itself has only 200 feet of absolute elevation change, but up-and-down riding yields about 600 feet of climbing. If you connect via the Oak Hollow or Spring Hollow trails, you'll climb an extra 500 vertical to reach the Shoreline.
You can ride the Shoreline as an out-and-back, parking at the hang-gliding park (end of Steep Mountain Drive, first right after starting up Traverse Mountain Road). There's another parking area on Mike Weir Drive, a mile from the eastern end of the trail.
An excellent short loop ride is to park at the Draper Pool (Vestry Drive, just east of the roundabout) and climb Oak Hollow, go left instead of tunneling under the road, then dropping off the Shoreline at the Mike Weir trailhead to go downhill on Spring Hollow. When you reach Vestry Drive, you can jog right 50 feet to find the trail downhill to Highland Drive, or turn left on Vestry to head back to the pool. My suggestion: go back via Vestry (as shown in the map below). It's pretty and quiet. If you jog over to find the continuing trail, it takes you down a fenced chute between several back yards, then connects with the sidewalk along Highland Drive.
For a longer ride, start at the pool. Climb Oak Hollow. Go underneath Traverse Mountain Road. After climbing out of the gully, the singletrack will intersect a small dirt road. Go right 100 feet, then right again on singletrack. As you climb to the top, there may be a trail fork at the ridgetop (May 06, still under construction). Right (west) is the Shoreline. Left, I'm guessing, will take you up Maple Hollow once the trail is finished. After riding the Shoreline to the edge of the gravel pit, reverse course. (Keep right and uphill at any forks on the way back.) Drop through the tunnel again, and fork right. The trail will wind around and hit Mike Weir Drive. Go across. A new cut is being created for the BS trail. If it's complete, you can go left after crossing the road. Otherwise, go right after crossing the street and find the singletrack 200 feet west. Head to the east end of the Shoreline, then double back 0.9 mile and drop down to parking on Mike Weir. Head east (right) 200 feet, and find the Spring Hollow Trail at the east end of the guardrail on the downhill side of the road. When you hit Vestry Road, turn left and head 1 mile back to the pool. (Distance = 11 miles, vertical = 1000.)
Getting there:  To start at the Draper Pool, leave I-15 at the Bluffdale exit and go east. Just after climbing the long hill, you'll come to a light. Go straight, then take the next right turn at Vestry Drive in 0.5 mile. Roll around the roundabout to go left, then turn into the pool parking. To start the ride, head back to the roundabout and find the trail on the uphill-southwest side.
To get to the Mike Weir trailhead, leave I-15 and climb the hill as above, but turn right at the light on Traverse Mountain Road. After one mile, watch for Mike Weir Drive on your left. The trailhead is on your right, 1/2 mile later.

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