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View west on an early section of trail Bluff Street Cliffs Trail  (Owen's Trail)
This is a short but fun ride on the cliffs along the north edge of St. George. 1.5 miles each way, it features some very nice rock. Season year-round. In the summer, it's best ridden early in the morning. This trail is in the Red Desert preserve. There are exposed areas cliffside, and some tricky technical spots. While short, this trail is recommended for expert riders.
Ride Notes:
0.0   Southwest side of street, ST circles
        hill south of wash
        N 37 07.150'  W 113 34.672'
0.3   Navigate through some rock chutes
0.7   Fork, keep L (R = up to City Creek Trail)
        N 37 07.206'  W 113 35.332'
1.0   Keep L    N 37 07.353'  W 113 35.420'
1.25 Follow trail down, look for chute on L
        N37 07.320 W113 35.593
        Work your way up next hill
1.4   Fork, go either way and loop around
        N37 07.331 W113 35.682

Extended Rides:
(1) At first fork, head up to City Creek
(2) Connect across road to Pioneer Park

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.

Getting there: From St. George Blvd (the main drag), head north on Main Street (towards the "Dixie" painted on the big rock above the cliffs). When you reach Hope Street, turn right, then immediately take the left fork and climb Skyline Drive to the top of the cliffs. Turn right. Just east of the junction of Skyline Drive with Red Cliffs Parkway, there's paved parking at the west end of Pioneer Park. Hop on the paved path on the south side of the parking lot and descend under the parkway. Now turn right uphill, cross Skyline Drive, and find the step-over entrance to Owen's Trail just a bit uphill.

Alternate trailhead: Park on the far west end of the picnic loop in Pioneer Park. (To get on the loop, go east on Skyline Drive past the Pioneer Park parking lot and take the next left.) Head straight west onto the slickrock, keeping on the edge of the small cliffs that are to your right. You'll dump out onto a singletrack that hits Snow Canyon Parkway right across the street from the Bluff Street Cliffs trailhead. This adds about 1/3 mile of rock riding to your trip.