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Blowhard Mountain
Blowhard Mountain is an advanced-technical downhill trail, usually ridden one-way with a shuttle vehicle. The trail drops 3300 vertical feet over 7 miles, for an almost 12% rate of average slope. One section near the top is particularly steep, averaging 22% slope over a mile. This is a challenging and tricky trail, delivering some great views and real bragging rights. A loop is possible using U-14 and U-143 as the uphill portion. This is a 19.2-mile ride, and is quite strenuous.
Riding notes, downhill:
0.0 R (north) into the trees on ST.
1.0 Cliff-top view of Cedar Breaks
      Descent gets tricky, 800' in 0.5 mile
1.6 Fork L (R=Potato Hollow)
      N 37 35.890' W 112 52.823', alt 9400'
2.5 Veer L under power line
      N 37 35.890' W 112 53.479', alt 9250'
3.1 Cross Crystal Springs Road
      N 37 36.285' W 112 53.830', alt 8950'
6.0 R through fence
      N 37 37.141' W 112 55.753', alt 8250'
6.4 Cross DT
      (option: DT goes to U-14 at m10.8)
7.0 At road
      N 37 36.965' W 112 55.919', alt 7450'
Getting there: In Cedar City, zero your odometer at the intersection of Center and Main Street. Head east up the canyon on U-14. Trail's End: At mile 9.2, underneath tall gray cliffs, there's a cindered pullout on the left side, GPS N 37 36.965' W 112 55.919', altitude 7450'. The trail hits the road here. If you're riding the loop or leaving a shuttle vehicle, park at a pullout 100 yards down-canyon or 1/2 mile up-canyon, so you won't be in the way of the shuttle vehicles from Brian Head. (Alternate: continue to mile 11.5 and park at Wood's Ranch for loop ride.)
Trailhead: Continue on U-14 to the top of the plateau. At mile 18.1, turn left on U-143. Drive another 2.3 miles (mile 20.3) and turn left onto a gravel road at N 37 35.983' W 112 51.022'. 1.1 miles up the gravel road, just after going under power lines, spot the trail sign on the right side of the road, at mile 21.4. Trailhead GPS N 37 35.607' W 112 51.628', altitude 10650'.

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