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Blind Hollow
Blind Hollow is a 6.2-mile singletrack near Tony Grove in Logan Canyon. After a short climb, it seems to descend forever on narrow twisting singletrack with frequent technical features. This ride is for advanced bikers with good technical skills and aggressive confidence. There's 500 feet of climbing to 8500 feet, then 2500 feet of gnarly downhill. Most prefer to do this ride with a shuttle vehicle to drive between the trail's end and Tony Grove Lake. Or you can suck up and crank 12 miles and 2000 vertical on the road for an 18-mile loop.
Riding notes, Blind Hollow as shuttle:
0.0   ST at the far (west) end of the gravel loop
        N41 53.401 W111 38.009
0.4   Fork L (R=trail from campground)
        N41 53.210 W111 38.124
1.2   Fork L (R=to Coldwater Spring and wilderness)
        N41 52.968 W111 38.285
2.3   Fork R downhill in meadow
        N41 52.173 W111 38.079
        Critical Fork! (Straight = Twin Creek)
2.7   Fork L (R uphill = to wilderness)
        N41 51.859 W111 38.219
6.2   Cross road, downhill to shuttle parking
        N41 49.949 W111 35.677
Getting there:  In Logan, turn east at 400 North on US-89 towards Logan Canyon (about 2 miles). If you have a shuttle vehicle, park it in the gravel turnout at mile 15.5, just 0.2 miles down canyon from Temple Fork. (Drive to the Temple Fork turnoff and turn right. Now turn around and head back down US-89 0.1 mile and watch for a gravel turnout on the left. You'll spot a trail on the mountain above, across the road.) Drive your bikes uphill 4.5 miles (21 miles from the canyon mouth). At the sign for Tony Grove Lake, turn left, then immediately turn left again. (Right goes to a campground.) Now drive 7 miles uphill. Just before you arrive at Tony Grove Lake and campground, there's a gravel road on your left. If you miss the road, backtrack 0.2 miles from the end of the Tony Grove paved parking loop. Follow the gravel road to a parking loop and bathroom. The trailhead is at the far end of the loop. N41 53.401 W111 38.009

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