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Big Spring Hollow Trail
This loop is a short but sweet singletrack in the South Fork of Provo Canyon. At a fairly low altitude for an alpine trail (5700 feet), this trail opens in late spring for early-season riding. The loop ride is 3.5 miles of intermediate technical singletrack, with an altitude gain of 750 feet. Connects to Cascade Saddle trail and Windy Pass (Great Western) trail.
Riding Notes:
0.0   Leave far end of parking area, and immediately turn left uphill
0.85 Fork - for clockwise look, go L
0.9   Meet doubletrack, singletrack goes L 20 ft uphill
1.1  Fork, keep R
       L = Great Western Trail to Windy Pass
1.2  Fork, go L (R goes through meadow, rejoins)
1.45 (Meadow trail rejoins on R)
1.8  Fork, go R for loop GPS N 40 18.957' W 111 32.313'
       (straight 0.2 to springs, or 3.5 tough climb to Cascade Saddle)
2.25 Merge doubletrack, singletrack on L after crossing creek
2.6  Back at first fork
3.5  At parking lot.

Getting there: In Provo Canyon, turn south (right if you're going uphill) on the South Fork road at Vivian Park. Drive 3.1 miles and turn right at the National Forest access. Go 0.1 mile, turning right into the big parking lot at the end of the paved road. (If the gate on this road is closed, park here and ride up the paved road.) The singletrack trail starts at the hole in the fence at the north end of the parking lot, west of the big picnic pavilion. GPS N 40 19.952' W 111 31.487'.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.