Betty Trail  with Altar-51 and Buckle,  The Other Betty, Mouse Climb, and Cliff
The Betty Trail is a popular access route into the Timpanogos Foothill trails. It's 1.2 miles long, rising 500 vertical feet from the Orem Bench Road (BST) to a trail junction called The Altar. It's a stiff climb but 100% ride-able, with an intermediate technical rating. This ride starts from Canyon View park and does a few figure-eights with trails near Betty. There's 1400 feet of climbing.
Ride notes, Betty double figure-eight from Canyon View:
0.0   DT west of uphill parking lot
        N40 19.531 W111 38.708
0.3   Keep L at DT fork N40 19.615 W111 38.826
0.4   L on Lower Access N40 19.602 W111 38.956
0.5   Hard L onto Race Loop
        N40 19.618 W111 39.027
0.8   Keep R (L = Cliff) N40 19.661 W111 39.214
1.1   L uphill on Upper Access N40 19.809 W111 39.071
1.5   Keep L (R = shortcut) N40 19.807 W111 39.265
1.6   R on Bench Road (BST) N40 19.786 W111 39.350
        Rapid L uphill on Betty
        100 feet, keep R on Betty
2.0   Straight (R = Betty's Plunge then L = Roller Coaster)
        N40 20.091 W111 39.290
2.05 Cross N40 20.130 W111 39.302
        (R = Mouse Climb, L = Crank)
2.1   Veer L (R = connect Mouse Climb)
        N40 20.190 W111 39.290
        30 feet then veer R (L= The Other Betty)
2.8   The Altar, go L to Altar-51
        N40 20.633 W111 39.062
3.0   Cross Buckle N40 20.503 W111 39.431
3.4   L on Buckle N40 20.529 W111 39.550
3.7   Keep L (east) on Buckle N40 20.423 W111 39.530
3.9   Cross Altar-51 N40 20.503 W111 39.431
4.2   R on Little Baldy N40 20.662 W111 39.049
        100 feet, then 2nd L on Mouse Climb
4.9   R on connector N40 20.169 W111 39.214
5.05 Cross Betty to The Other Betty
        N40 20.201 W111 39.321
5.2   Cross Crank N40 20.122 W111 39.327
5.3   Cross Roller Coaster N40 20.015 W111 39.316
5.6   R on Betty N40 19.811 W111 39.310
        100 feet, then south (R) on Bench Road
6.1   L on DT, 100 feet the L on Cliff
6.7   R on Race Loop N40 19.661 W111 39.214
7.0   R on connector, retrace DT
7.4   Back at parking
Getting there, Canyon View Park:  Exit I-15 on Orem's 800 North and drive straight towards the mountains. Keep left to enter Provo Canyon. After 1 mile, you'll pass the entrance to Canyon View Park on your left. About 100 yards later, there's a diversion dam, then a bridge over the river. Drive over the bridge and park in the lot. Ride to the northwest corner of the parking area. Begin your ride by pedaling up the gravel road. Keep straight at the road fork at  mile 0.3 if you're heading for the Bottom Access trail (recommended), or fork R uphill for the Ravine or East Access trails. Ride through the race loop and take the Upper Access trail to the BST to connect to uphill trails.
Orem Bench BST Trailhead:
  Exit I-15 on Orem's 800 North and drive straight towards the mountains. At 800 East, turn left and drive north about 1 mile. Immediately past the fence at the uphill end of the cemetery, turn right (east) on Cascade Drive. Drive 1/2 mile then fork uphill before you approach the water treatment plant. Take two switchbacks up, passing the lower overflow parking, to the paved parking area with the bathroom. Your trail is right across from where the road entered the parking lot.
Trail conditions, connections, and alignments will change. Use this guide at your own risk. UtahMountainBiking 2016.