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Beaver Creek (Logan Canyon)
Beaver Creek is a smooth dirt road near the top of Logan Canyon. The hard-core use it to access other rides, but it makes a scenic and pleasant family outing. You can start from the trailer-parking area, drive part-way up to start the ride, or drive the family vehicle way uphill for a gentle and long downhill cruise. You decide how hard to work. Aerobically, this uphill ride is fairly easy. The climb up the Beaver Creek road is smooth and fast, with a steady gentle slope. In some spots in some seasons, there's a bit of crushed rock on the surface that makes the climbing less pleasant for small wheels.

Riding notes, uphill from main parking:
0.0   Trailhead on north end of parking
         Join larger road
0.2    Pass Sink Hollow return, keep R
         N41 58.563 W111 31.857
4.1    Pass Beaver Creek Campground
         N42 01.226 W111 31.803
4.2    Keep straight (Swan Flats on R)
5.8    Fork L, keep L at 2nd road
         N42 02.547 W111 32.248
7.0    Keep straight. L is Sink Hollow DH
         N42 02.755 W111 33.492
9.0    Egan Basin. You've gone far enough.

Getting there:  In Logan, turn east at 400 North on US-89 towards Logan Canyon (about 2 miles). After you enter the canyon, drive 24.5 miles, almost to the top. Turn left toward Beaver Mountain Ski Area and park in the large trailer-parking area 1/2 mile later. The trailhead (and a bathroom) are on the northern end N41 58.385 W111 31.896.

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