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View north over the creek

Beaver Creek Trail
Fairly easy trail in the western Uinta Mountains, about 6 miles east of Kamas. Altitude is 7,100 feet, with about 500 feet elevation gain over the 4.8 mile trail. Western end can be ridden by children when dry and packed. East end is rougher and narrow. The trail is used by ATVs from the between the fee station and Shingle Creek. Season mid-June through September. Connects to the North Fork Scenic Byway Trail for a longer ride.

0.0   ATV track south side of road across from Yellow Pine parking area
        N 40 37.552' W 111 11.224'
1-3  Keep straight in valley
        (Cedar Loop trail branches off on R)
3.2  Proceed through campground to E end, trail narrows, rougher
4.8  Fork L (Pine Valley Trail goes R) N 40 35.920' W 111 07.217'
       Rough descent to Pine V CG road
5.1  Continuing trail to North Fork Scenic Byway

View east along the trail, near the Shingle Creek Campground

Beaver Creek Trail Map

Getting there: In Kamas, turn east towards the mountains on the well-marked Mirror Lake Highway. Drive 6 miles to the fee station, then backtrack 1/4 mile to the parking area for the trail (GPS N 40 37.552' W 111 11.224'). You must pay, even if your car isn't parked inside the fee area.  Or you can catch the trail at the second Shingle Creek Campground entrance (GPS N 40 36.852' W 111 07.800'). As an out-and-back from the lower trailhead, you'll cover 9.6 miles.

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.