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Just for fanatics? NOT! Green Valley Trail (Bear-claw Poppy Trail)
The Green Valley Trail starts southwest of St. George in Green Valley, curving around a bluff into Bloomington. Highlights include a not-too-tough aerobic one-mile hill climb, a run down a desert wash, a series of short "scary but not too hairy" drop-offs, and a roller coaster hard-pack BMX course.  This trail is a blast to ride, year-round. Note that the 2 miles from the Stucki Springs trail fork to the Bloomington Microloop trail fork (near the Bloomington trailhead) is one-way towards Bloomington.
Riding notes, from Green Valley:
From end of pavement N37 05.516 W113 37.673
0.0  Go R 100 yards, turn L downhill
       N37 05.568 W113 37.709
0.1  At bottom, veer L 100 yards,
       then R to cross valley
0.3  Pass Zen trailhead, keep straight and climb
       N37 05.433 W113 37.893
0.5  Parking
From parking lot on hill:
0.0  Around gate, uphill on DT
       N37 05.338 W113 38.432
0.4  Pass Barrell ST on L, veer R
       Step over gate to Bearclaw ST
       N37 05.173 W113 38.826
0.5  Flat area, descend Three Fingers of Death
       N37 05.119 W113 38.856
0.6  Straight and drop into Wash
       N37 05.051 W113 38.781
1.1  Keep straight (R = to Stucki cutoff)
       N37 04.790 W113 39.054
1.3  Keep R (L = alternate, rejoins)
       N37 04.598 W113 39.130
1.4  Keep straight (full R = to Stucki cutoff)
       N37 04.543 W113 39.175
       (soft R = alternate line, rejoins vs down wash)
1.5-1.6 Various alternate lines, keep straight
1.7  Straight (R = to Stucki cutoff)
       N37 04.290 W113 39.273
1.8  Clavicle Hill, straight off
       N37 04.220 W113 39.297
1.8  Left at bottom, head southwest
       N37 04.214 W113 39.291
       Straight = to Stucki Springs or B.Microloop
       R = to Snakepit Rim vs Stucki cutoff
1.85 Keep straight N37 04.208 W113 39.258
       (L = back to top)
2.9  Alternate lines, select (R = easier)
       N37 03.648 W113 38.392
3.3  Alternate lines N37 03.463 W113 38.058
3.5  Alternate lines N37 03.403 W113 37.898
3.9  Straight (B.Microloop joins on R)
       N37 03.224 W113 37.507
4.0  Veer R to parking N37 03.204 W113 37.373
4.1  Stepover gate for Bloomington parking
       N37 03.130 W113 37.355
Green Valley Trial Map Getting there: Take the Bluff Street I-15 exit in St. George and turn west. Immediately turn south (left) at the first light. Go over the hill and at the T intersection at the bottom of the hill turn right. Head northwest about two miles on Dixie Drive. Turn left at Canyon View Road, heading uphill toward the Green Valley Spa. (If you reach a "Green Valley Market" with gas pumps, you just passed it. Turn around and backtrack to the second road on your right.) Drive past the spa onto dirt at the end of the road. You can park here and ride to the road that climbs the RIGHT side of the little sandstone canyon. Or, you can stay in your car, turn right on dirt, then drop left down into the valley 100 yards later. Follow the improved gravel road up to the parking area about 3/4 mile later.
Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.