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Matt the Cheerleader on the west end of the mesa Bartlett Wash
Located 18 miles north of Moab, this Entrada sandstone slickrock ride features incredible views and fun undulating waves of great rock.  The "official" ride is 4 miles, but you can spend all day goofing off on large playgrounds of open rock. There's no marked trail -- you pick your way up sandstone ledges to reach one of the largest open slickrock areas you'll ever see. Season March through November.
Ride Notes: up to Playground
0.0  R on ST, portage up rock wall
       L (W) along ledge, slightly uphill
0.2  R up to next ledge series, back L
0.5  Short sand section W to next rock area
0.6  Gradually work uphill, heading W
1.8  At top, turn R into slickrock playground
Loop: Cross to north side of tabletop area, hug cliff edge and work uphill and west to end of mesa. Continue around counter-clockwise to loop back.
New York: From east tabletop area, head east up ST to white monoliths, explore.
Stunt Canyon: At northeast end of tabletop, find chute leading to deep, steep canyon.
Chute: Northwest corner of loop, find "Toilet Bowl" or Dolly Parton chute.
Getting there: from US 191, turn west onto Blue Hills Road 0.9 miles south of the airport. Go 2.4 miles to GPS N 38 44.673' W 109 46.745', then turn left. Keep left at GPS N 38 44.053' W 109 47.060'. Go 1.3 miles (keep straight at the fork at 0.8), then turn right at GPS N 38 43.665' W 109 46.465'. Find a parking area a mile later in a wash near a fence at GPS N 38 42.989' W 109 47.220'. Go through the gate and 200 feet up the wash. The ride starts up the rocks to your right, where a short singletrack leads up to a steep ramp.

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Bartlett Wash Trail Map