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Chad enjoys an eye-popping view. Amasa Back Trail
The Amasa Back trail ascends from the Colorado River just west of Moab, climbing up onto an outcropping of rock surrounded on three sides by the Colorado. The trail is a rocky Jeep trail with ledges and drop-offs, and is for advanced riders. As an out-and-back, the trip is 10 miles. Vertical climb is 1050 feet. There are views of Jackson Hole and its rincon, and of the Colorado River.
Riding notes, Amasa viewpoint:
0.0   Exit parking, uphill on road N38 31.710 W109 35.705
0.6   Drop R off road N38 31.435 W109 36.096
0.7   Take air off ledge, turn right on DT
        Alt = ST straight shortcut
0.8   Cross creek N38 31.589 W109 36.080
1.0   Turn R (L = exit from Captain Ahab)
        N38 31.521 W109 36.261
2.3   R at fork (L = mid-way Ahab connector)
        N38 31.057 W109 36.804
2.7   R on DT (L = Captain Ahab)
        N38 31.098 W109 37.114
2.8   L (straight), R = to view
        N38 31.161 W109 37.126
3.0   Cliffside along Jackson Not-Hole
3.7   Pass Portage connector, keep straight (R)
        N38 31.721 W109 37.678
        (L=cliff scramble down into Jackson Hole)
3.8   Keep L at fork (R = Jackson ST)
        N38 31.761 W109 37.756
4.3   Straight (or R = jeep route)
        N38 31.788 W109 38.198
4.5   Keep L on Amasa  (L = Pothole Arch trail)
        N38 31.876 W109 38.369
5.0   View - End of Amasa 
N38 31.619 W109 38.554
Getting there: Head south on Moab's Main Street. When you reach the McDonald's on your right, turn right onto Kane Creek Blvd. After 0.6 miles, go straight where the road seems to turn right (500 West). Drive along the Colorado River about 5 miles until the road turns to gravel, and head uphill about 2/3 mile. Turn right and park at the sign "Amasa Back Parking" at GPS N 38 31.329' W 109 35.501'. Pedal 1/2 mile uphill to the trail.

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Amassa Rock Trail Map

Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.