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Dry Creek, just outside Alpine City Alpine Perimeter
"Alpine Days" Race Trail. 
Starts in center of Alpine, follows pavement to dirt Hog Hollow Road. Crosses from Traverse Ridge over to Fort Canyon, over to Schoolhouse Springs, to the Lone Peak trailhead, into Lambert Park, then back to town. Starting elevation 5100 feet, 1200 ft elevation change, total climbing around 2000, some areas of advanced technical, total distance 15 miles. Views over Utah Valley. Season late April through November.
0.0   West on 200 North at 4-way stop (200 N Main)
0.5   Fork R (north) uphill on pavement
0.8   Turn L (west) on paved Hog Hollow Road
1.2   Road turns to dirt
        N 40 27.688' W 111 47.525'
        Curve slowly north, ignore smaller roads
2.0   Begin to climb up Hog Hollow (DT)
4.1   Top of Traverse Ridge, turn R on DT
        N 40 29.197' W 111 49.294'
        East on middle DT to climb hill
4.5   R on DT that winds south around hill
5.3   5-way DT intersection, turn R
        Keep R at DT forks
5.7   Trail turns L off DT, dropping down The Wash
7.0   Bottom of wash, follow DT to road
        L on pavement
7.3   Keep L uphill on pavement
7.4   Cross river, start uphill
        N 40 29.362' W 111 46.487'
7.6   Fork R, ride past pond on ATV track
8.0   Fork hard R (reverse direction E to W)
8.3   Fork L (option R = viewpoint)
8.9   Fork R, head into First Blood Chute
9.0   R on DT around Schoolhouse Springs
        N 40 29.034' W 111 45.668'
        Temporary DETOUR Route
9.6   (Approx) Fork R on DT
        Continue onto pavement
        Left after 200 feet
        Right at intersection
        Keep L until you cross Dry Creek
        Veer R after crossing Creek
10    Lambert Park. Pick a route!
        (Original trail at 11.0 L up Box Elder at
        N 40 28.425' W 111 45.098')
        Go to Lambert Park trail guide
        South end of Lambert Park, find City Trail
12.5 (approx) City Trail crosses gravel road
        turn R downhill to city streets
        Keep downhill and heading west back to start
Getting there: Take I-15 to the Alpine/Highland exit, just south of Point-of-the-Mountain. Drive straight east 5 miles towards the mountains, turning left at the stoplight in Highland (where you see the grocery store and gas station). Drive 2 miles north into Alpine to the 4-way stop at 200 North. That's our ride's starting point. Most bikers park in the church lot (R around the corner).

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Alpine Perimeter Map

Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.