Agate and Jasper Loops, Klondike Bluffs Mountain Biking Area
The Agate and Jasper Loops are easy and short trails in gently rolling terrain west of the Copper Ridge Road in the Klondike Bluffs riding area. These trails are non-motorized singletrack, and are suitable for beginning riders. The trail system is very well marked and easy to navigate. The loops can be reached from the main southern Klondike Bluffs trailhead (see below) for a longer but mellow ride. See the by-the-mile ride description below for a ten-miler. Or you can drive directly to the northern trailhead and hit both loops in an easy figure eight of 4 miles.
Agate-Jasper Figure 8 from southern trailhead:
0.0   Cross cattle guard east to DT
        N38 46.428 W109 42.764
0.9   Straight onto Dino Flow / EKG
        N38 47.006 W109 43.074
1.1   Keep L on Dino Flow
        N38 47.118 W109 42.986 (R = EKG)
1.5   Cross wash, keep L (R = EKG)
        N38 47.370 W109 43.253
2.0   Cross Baby Steps South
        N38 47.593 W109 43.552
3.1   L downhill on Little Salty
        N38 48.233 W109 44.140
3.2   R on Copper Ridge Rd
        N38 48.181 W109 44.191
3.3   L on ST connector
        N38 48.244 W109 44.285
3.5   R on Jasper East
        N38 48.201 W109 44.548
4.4   Take middle trail = Midline 
        N38 48.595 W109 44.889
        (R = connect to Baby Steps)
4.7   L on Agate West
        N38 48.765 W109 45.087
5.5   R on Agate East (straight = N TH)
        N38 49.086 W109 45.610
5.7   Keep R (L = Midline)
        N38 49.027 W109 45.488
6.3   L on Midline southbound
        N38 48.767 W109 45.087
6.6   R on Jasper West
        N38 48.586 W109 44.900
7.4   R on connector
        N38 48.198 W109 44.552
7.7   L on Copper Ridge Rd
7.8   Pass Little Salty
        Stay on Copper Ridge
        (Alt = back to Dino Flow)
8.7   Pass Baby Steps
9.6   R on Klondike Rd
10.5 Back at parking
Getting there, southern trailhead: Starting at the Colorado River, drive 15 miles north from Moab. Look for a Klondike Bluffs sign and a turnout on the right. There will usually be cars parked there. GPS N 38 44.452 W 109 44.037.  Go through the gate and drive 2.7 miles. Keep left at the fork. At 2.8 miles, park your car at the gate and begin your ride. N38 46.428 W109 42.764
Northern Klondike TH:  On Highway 191 8.5 miles south of I-70 and 6.5 miles north of the southern Klondike Bluffs road (about 5 miles north of the airport), watch for a "Northern Klondike" sign at N38 49.504 W109 46.893. Turn east (toward the sandstone bluff). Keep to the right as the road winds south around a small hill. 1.2 miles from the highway as the road is heading east toward the bluff, fork right on a fainter jeep road N38 49.103 W109 46.061, as the main road continues to the dinosaur tracks. (Park here if the road is in bad shape.) At mile 1.6, you'll come to the TH for the Jasper and Agate loops (N38 49.087 W109 45.625) on your right. At 2.0 miles, you're at the bottom of Mega Steps at a larger parking area N38 49.179 W109 45.417. To reach Baby Steps, head south on the doubletrack Copper Ridge Road.

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