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24-7, Stealth Trail, Dropout and Team Cutthroat DH, Fink Again
This trail complex has several competing uses: Stealth and 24-7 should actually be considered as one continuous trail. This is a nice ride by itself. The combination of Stealth and 24-7 is used by Jeremy Ranch riders as a link to the Glenwild Loop, or by riders from Park City as a link to Moose Hollow. It also delivers downhillers to the top of two dedicated one-way DH trails, Dropout and Team Cutthroat.
24-7 has a low of 6250 feet at East Canyon Road (northeast end) in Jeremy Ranch. Elevation change is 600 feet, but you'll lose and regain some altitude as you drop to cross the road in Jeremy Ranch. When riding out-and-back, you'll do 1300 feet of climbing. The trail is 6.5 miles in length.
One of the main reasons riders hit this trail is to get at the Dropout and Team Cutthroat DH trails. These are located about 2 miles from the Glenwild trailhead, after 400 vertical feet of climbing. These are one-way trails! You pick a trail to drop, losing 300 feet in 0.8 miles. Then you climb back to 24-7 via Fink Again over 1.2 miles. From the top of Fink Again, it's 0.8 miles back to the DH trailheads, which are about 100 yards apart.

Riding notes on Stealth and 24-7 from Glenwild
0.0   Leave parking, cross creek
        Drop left onto singletrack (Stealth Trail)
1.9   Fork, go L (R = Glenwild Loop)
        Trail is now named 24-7
2.1   Dropout (top of trail, DH only)
2.2   Team Cutthroat (top of trail, DH only)

        (These trails merge into Fink Again at
         bottom of hill. Option of bailout on Graduate)
3.4   Keep straight (L = Crazy 8s)
        Fink Again joins trail on L (keep R uphill)
4.0   Cross paved road
4.8   Bailout to Jeremy Ranch (keep straight uphill)
6.9   East Canyon Road

Getting there:  At the I-80 Park City exit, go north (left from the exit if you're coming from SLC) to the frontage road. Turn right. About 1/4 mile later at the second road on your left, turn left. Find the trail parking area just before the northbound road crosses the creek. (You'll see the trail map kiosk and bathroom). GPS N 40 43.662' W 111 32.051'. Head up the road to start your ride. Just past the bridge, turn right on singletrack and you're on the Stealth Trail.

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