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Big (Bad Brutal) Baldy Loop -- Grove Creek to Dry Canyon
This loop ride is for strong, skilled, advanced riders only. It features a long steep climb, a mean tricky descent, and plenty of opportunities to hurt yourself. The trail surface is often rough and loose.  The ride is 15 miles, going from 5160 feet to 8280 feet. Total climbing will be about 3500 feet. And because of rough trail conditions, that 3500 of climbing is harder than it sounds. The ride starts at the edge of Pleasant Grove, at the mouth of Grove Creek Canyon. It's a constant stiff climb, with exposed cliffs and loose rock. At the top, you'll follow the Battle Creek Trail to the switchbacks climbing Big Baldy, then descend the extremely technical Dry Canyon trail. This trail is steep, loose, and treacherous. At the bottom, you'll complete the loop by riding the Bonneville Shoreline Trail north.
Riding notes, clockwise loop:
0.0   From parking lot, head east up the canyon
        N 40 22.483 W 111 42.721
0.5   Switchback, go L uphill toward valley.
        Ignore sm trail going straight.
0.9   Trail turns R toward canyon.
        At fork, keep R.
        N 40 22.751 W 111 42.575
2.3   Bridge, cross creek, climb.
        N 40 23.414 W 111 41.734
3.4   Indian Camp / Springs, fork R
        N 40 23.690 W 111 41.174
4.0   L on DT toward Timpooneke Road
4.1   R on DT, N 40 23.226 W 111 41.069
        Keep heading generally southeast
7.3   Cross pass, plunge downhill
        N 40 22.295 W 111 39.354
10.6 Dry Canyon Trailhead, go R to ST at gate
        N 40 20.522 W 111 40.564
13.3 BST dumps onto gravel road, go N
        N 40 21.345 W 111 41.943
13.8 R on road, then immediate L on gravel Rd
        N 40 21.811 W 111 42.186
        Follow roads generally north, below power lines
15.0 Cross creek to parking area.
Other riding options: Some riders do Grove Creek as an up-and-back, riding either to the falls, or all the way to the viewpoint above Battle Creek. Another option is a DH shuttle, starting where the Timpooneke Roads ends at the Battle Creek Trail and riding downhill.

Getting there:  Get off I-15 at the Pleasant Grove exit, and head east toward the mountains. As the street curves north, you'll reach State Street at the light. Turn right. As State begins to curve southward past a big shopping complex, turn left at the traffic light to Main Street. Go through the 4-way stop at Center, then turn left at the light on 100 East (Canyon Highway). Proceed north to 500 North and turn right. 500 North becomes Grove Creek Drive. Follow it up to the paved parking area. (Bathroom at trailhead.) The ride starts on the east (mountain) side of the parking area, heading straight up the canyon. N 40 22.483 W 111 42.721

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Trail conditions change, and the layout of a trail may change without notice. Use this trail guide at your own risk.