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Bear Canyon to Salt Creek
Bear Canyon is a three-mile singletrack on the south slope of Mount Nebo, about 10 miles from Nephi. I recommend this trail as a 12.7-mile loop ride by climbing the scenic Nebo Loop Road to the top, then bombing down 2100 vertical feet on singletrack over 3.1 miles. There are some very technical creek crossings. The trail can be down as an up-and-back, but this is a very steep climb.

Riding notes, from Bear Canyon Campground:
0.0    Head back down Salt Creek Road
2.1    L on Nebo Loop Road, begin climbing
8.2    Devils Kitchen on L (take a hike)
9.6    Turnout on R, drop LEFT on ST
         Head down Bear Canyon Trail
12.6  Through gate, past camping spots
12.7  Back at bridge

Getting there: From I-15 in Juab County, take the Nephi 100 North Exit. Turn east, toward the mountains. Drive 6 miles up the canyon, then turn left on the Nebo Loop Road (Scenic Byway). Drive another 3.5 miles on the loop road and turn left on the Salt Creek Road toward Bear Canyon Campground. Go 2 miles up the road, and park on the right just before the campground entrance.
Water:  At the campground
Toilets: At the trailhead, plus Hells Kitchen on Nebo Loop Road
Camping:  Bear Canyon, nearby Cottonwood campground.
Nearest bike services: Payson

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