Bonneville Shoreline Trail - North Ogden Canyon to Pleasant View (plus Willard trail)
The Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) is a system of trails along the Wasatch Front that follows the approximate shoreline of ancient Lake Bonneville. The section from the North Ogden Canyon Road (North Ogden Divide Road) to the Pleasant View trailhead is 4.6 miles and is usually done as an out-and-back ride from either end. This ride instruction includes 7 miles of technical singletrack extending to Willard Canyon. Less-strong riders will want to ride the BST only.
Divide Rd to Willard, northbound riding directions:
0.0   100 ft uphill on pavement from parking
        L on singletrack N41 18.898 W111 55.865
4.5   Hard R on DT under power lines 
        N41 20.585 W111 58.553
        (ST heads down toward fence, TH)
5.1   Cross Pole Patch Dr N41 20.745 W111 59.332
        (vs R on Pole Patch, L on Jessie Creek)
5.6   Go R of gate, join ATV track
        N41 21.029 W111 59.343
5.9   R off straight ATV track (critical spot!)
        N41 21.208 W111 59.659
6.0   L off ATV track on ST (critical spot!)
        N41 21.267 W111 59.625
11.5 Fork R uphill (ATV track)
        N41 24.348 W112 01.365
        (straight = descends to dirt road)
        Good turnaround spot for out-and-back
11.6 L on ST N41 24.370 W112 01.342
12.2 L downhill at creek N41 24.782 W112 01.341
12.4 Veer R at gravel pit
        go to gate N41 24.750 W112 01.524
12.5 Follow main road out westbound

Option, road return (high-speed traffic!):
0.0   Downhill from gate
0.6   L on US-89 southbound -- Caution!
5.0   Keep R on 89 at I-15/Hwy 126 fork
6.3   L on Pleasant View Drive
8.3   Roundabout, go straight onto Elberta Dr
9.8   L on 400 East
10.2 R at 3100 North
        continue to North Ogden Canyon Rd
12.1 Parking

Divide trailhead:  Exit I-15 eastbound at the 2700 North (Highway 134) exit. Continue to 1050 East and turn left. At 3000 North, turn right toward the North Ogden Divide. After leaving the homes behind, climb about 1/3 mile uphill to a parking area on the right side of the road N41 18.926 W111 55.908 right where the big power line crosses the road. The BST is about 100 feet uphill from parking on the left (opposite) side of the road. (Note:  the trail that drops southeast from the road connects to the North Ogden Divide trail -- which climbs east up to the Northern Skyline trailhead.)

Trail conditions and connections change. Use this guide at your own risk.

Pleasant View trailhead:  Get off I-15 eastbound (toward the mountains) at the 2700 North Exit. Continue across US-89 then turn left on 600 West. At Elberta Drive, turn right and drive one block to turn left on 500 West, continuing uphill and northbound. Turn right when you reach 2300 North (also signed as 4300 North). Take the next left onto 350 East. Turn right (east) on 4600 North and drive to a gravel parking area N41 20.481 W111 58.594. Start the ride by pedaling north uphill.
Gravel Pit trail access:
  On US 89 in Willard, turn east (toward the mountains) on 300 North. Keep right at road fork. Find a spot to park near the gate (1/2 mile uphill from the highway). After passing around the gate, pedal to the right, then turn 150 degrees left (as you pass the gravel pit on your right). As you enter the trees along Willard Creek, watch for the singletrack on your right, taking you south and away from the trees. (Alternate:  Go to Willow Creek Park (200 East Center St) and leave the car there. On the east side of the park, you'll find a path heading east-northeast uphill. Go left as you reach a dirt road northbound. Turn right uphill when you hit the paved road just below the gate.)